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Art From The Ahmednagar School of Miniature Painting

In previous Rooftop blogs, we’ve explored each school of Rajasthani Miniature painting in detail, and made several studies of the different paintings in the Mughal School. We’ve only recently mentioned the Deccan School of Miniature Painting. Today, let’s take a look at one of the Deccan sub-schools and explore the paintings of the Ahmednagar School of Miniature Painting.

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Everything You Need to Know About Kerala Mural Painting

Mural painting is one of the earliest forms of painting. Murals refer to paintings created directly on walls or similar large, permanent surfaces. Out of the murals and frescoes found in India, the mural paintings of Kerala are known for their beauty and unique stylistic approach. Let’s learn about Kerala Mural painting by taking a look at its history, style, and painting process.

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The Diverse Schools of Deccan Miniature Painting

A distinct school of painting flourished and evolved in the plateau region of southern India, somewhere beyond the Vindhya mountain range, under several Sultans of the Deccan region in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This unique synthesis of art and cultural elements culminated in the creation of the unique style of Deccan Miniature painting.

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Chaurapanchasika: The Birth of Rajput Painting

If you knew that today was the last day you saw someone you loved, what would you say to them? Would you recount your time together or lament the time you did not get to spend with them? What would you say when time was running out? This question is probably what caused the Chaurapanchasika, a short poem on love and separation, to become so beloved by Indian artists.

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Miniature Masters: Sahibdin and the Evolution of Mewar Miniature Painting

Behind every school of Indian Miniature painting is a master artist whose skill and unique style set the standards for what good art ought to look like. These artists rose to great heights and oftentimes supervised the work of younger artists at royal workshops or ateliers. Just as we’ve looked at the lives of painters like Nainsukh and Nisaruddin, today’s blog delves into the work of the Miniature Master Sahibdin.

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Azulejos in the Institute Menezes Braganza-tile art

The roots and connections of Tile Art in India and Spain

The art of tiles and ceramics has always been an eye-catching and integral part of ancient architecture across most cultures. The journey of this elegant art form, tile art, is a long one, and understanding how cultures influence art, opens our minds to a variety of nuances of our own history. Let’s explore the origins and journey of tile art across nations.

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Miniature Masters: Ruknuddin and the Mughal Influence on Bikaner Miniature Painting

Bikaner is one of the numerous tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan. This colourful desert town is home to a unique style of Miniature painting. The Bikaner School, or ‘shaili’ as they were referred to, features a blend of Deccan influences with a Mughal touch. This school rose to fame due to the expertise of two painter clans: the eminent court painter Ruknuddin belonged to one of them.

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Women In Indian Art: An Observation

The trajectory of a woman’s image in Indian Art has been wavering and contradictory. During the prehistoric period, she was perceived as the source of life for her procreative ability and her significant support in food-gathering activities and sheltering. At the same time, feminine energy was revered as the goddess of their clan. Over time, the image of women in Indian art varied and went on to become a depiction of grace and beauty.

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