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Nandalal Bose teaching a student at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan. Source: Delhi Art Gallery

The Art Hubs of India: Part II – Santiniketan

The artistic spirit that thrives in Santiniketan today has deep roots that extend far back in time.  Even long before the establishment of Rabindranath Tagore’s experimental school, the Bengal region boasted a flourishing artistic tradition.

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The Lavanyavati Manuscripts of Orissa

Long before paper made its way to southern India, artists were using engraving techniques to create art on palm leaves. These palm leaf manuscripts of the past tell many local stories in innovative ways. Manuscript making was quite popular in Odisha, which is where the ‘Romance of Chandrabhanu and Lavanyavati’ originates from.

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Timeless Tales And Artistic Traditions: The Panchatantra In Indian Art and Beyond

Animal fables take us back to our childhood- a utopia of wax crayons, tinkle comics, and Parle-G. Who can forget reading about Aesop’s fables and the Panchatantra? Animal fables are an excellent device to teach children about morality and the concepts of right and wrong. As such, they have been used for millennia to break down ethical concepts into simple, bite-sized pieces.

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Indian Traditional Art Forms at India Art Fair 2024

The vibrant city of New Delhi played host to a spectacular showcase of artistic brilliance at the India Art Fair 2024, and Team Rooftop was there to witness the magic unfold. As we navigated through the myriad of exhibits and galleries, it was heartening to see the traditional art forms take centre stage, preserving the rich cultural tapestry that defines India’s artistic heritage.

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Everything You Need to Know About Kerala Mural Painting

Mural painting is one of the earliest forms of painting. Murals refer to paintings created directly on walls or similar large, permanent surfaces. Out of the murals and frescoes found in India, the mural paintings of Kerala are known for their beauty and unique stylistic approach. Let’s learn about Kerala Mural painting by taking a look at its history, style, and painting process.

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The Diverse Schools of Deccan Miniature Painting

A distinct school of painting flourished and evolved in the plateau region of southern India, somewhere beyond the Vindhya mountain range, under several Sultans of the Deccan region in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This unique synthesis of art and cultural elements culminated in the creation of the unique style of Deccan Miniature painting.

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