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As Jamini Roy said, “The folk art of India vividly portrays our roots, traditions, and the vibrant life of our communities.” Each pocket of the Indian region has its unique artistic expression, often passed down for generations. Apart from being a testament to skilled craftsmanship, the art forms have become the face of India’s cultural

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Ministry of Culture – Initiatives for Indian Art & Artists

Every country is defined by its culture. It is one of the pillars of development and growth that support the country’s identity. The versatility of the culture is such that it manifests itself in all spheres, be it economic, social or other such activities. And, for a populated country like India which is personified by

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Symbolism in Indian Art

Indian traditional art is a world in its own right. Its distinct language and symbols touch upon different aspects of life and life lessons. The symbolism in Indian art weaves together history, culture and social narratives. Traditional Indian art motifs are more than mere decorative pieces of the craft. They were used as a means

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Celebrating Seasons Through Indian Art

The different seasons and their beauty are indeed god’s work of art, the almighty’s masterpiece. Each one with a distinct appearance and effect on Mother Nature. As a witness to this dynamic canvas, artists find themselves captivated by the divine artistry and try to capture the seasonal transformation with their artwork. From the vibrant hues

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representation of Indian folk artists

Representation of Indian Folk Artists x Rooftop

The Indian folk artists are a reservoir of creativity and diverse culture. Yet, the concern of inadequate representation of Indian folk artists is multifaceted and persistent. It encompasses political, social, economic, and cultural aspects.

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Natural Colours of Indian Art

“Colours are the smiles of nature” and nothing symbolises this phrase better than the vibrant tapestry of traditional Indian art. Natural colours of Indian art are not just a treat to the eyes but are also imbued with profound cultural significance and symbolic meanings. The cornerstone of this vibrant palette is the use of organic

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Pattachitra art - Raghurajpur - Heritage Crafts Village

The World of Pattachitra Art: A Glimpse into Odisha’s Raghurajpur Village

This artistic hub of Odisha, India, is known for its master Pattachitra painters which dates back to 5 BC. Pattachitra art is an emotion for the natives of Raghurajpur. The entire process of creating Pattachitra art is revered as worship of their deity Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra. Let us dive deep to experience the uniqueness of Odisha.

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Traditional Indian Art Depicting Weddings and Processions

“The Big Fat Indian Wedding” is a phrase that encapsulates the grandeur, vibrant colours, intricate rituals, and traditions of the ceremony. The diverse regions and ethnicities give rise to not less than an equal number of traditions. These ceremonies are an expression of people’s cultural and communal emotions. Each tradition symbolizes hope, spirituality and companionship.

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Modern Interpretations of Indian Art in Architecture and Design

The three-letter word art encompasses a variety of emotions, history, and culture. Similarly, the architecture of any space speaks volumes about its heritage and aspirations. As quoted by one of the leading Indian architects Brinda Somaya, “A building should not only serve a functional purpose but also be socially and culturally relevant”. And, that stands

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