Finger painting

Finger Painting with Aanchal Srivastav

Creative minds birth a number of arts and artforms inspired and influenced by numerous life aspects. These art forms allow practitioners to channelise their inner thoughts or conflicts for a better motive. One such source to practice and is worthy to achieve mastery over is Finger Painting.  It is an excellent way to fight your

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Acrylic Painting Workshop with Virali Gajra

Water-based acrylic paint is made of pigment particles dispersed in an acrylic polymer emulsion.Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint that is made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion and plasticizers and silicon oils. A finished  acrylic painting can look like a watercolor, a gouache,  an oil painting, and has its own unique characteristics. About

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Paper cutting art

Papercutting Art Workshop With Pratima Chavan

The art of paper designs has evolved from traditional Chinese patterns to a variety of other patterns. Different cultures have adopted and inserted their own designs that have broadened the reach of this art form. To learn more about this craft, the Rooftop Community conducted a paper cutting workshop with Pratima Chavan.  About The Artist 

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Tanjore painting

Tanjore Painting with Geetanjali Mohanty

Thanjavur painting, a classical form of artform also known as Tanjore painting – is a celebration of the region’s rich artistic tradition, named after the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. The paintings are known to have extravagant depictions of deities and vibrant colours, and gaudy embellishments, especially with gold foil.  The art form

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Abstract Art Workshop with Virti Gandhi

Abstract Art depicts visual reality with indefinite patterns using the power of the colours. Abstract painting is a technique favourable for any surface or medium. This form of art transcends us beyond physical reality. Abstract art is a free-flowing art requiring negligible precision. The Rooftop team brings together Abstract Art Workshop with Virit Gandhi. About

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Intricate Mandala workshop with Priyanka Dugar

Art is a great stress booster. It is an important element that allows you to connect and evolve with your soul. The more engrossed you are into it the more creative and unique the outcome becomes. One such unique art form is Mandala art.  Mandala art is an inclusion of minute detailings of designs that

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Watercolor Mandala Bookmark Workshop with Vidhi Jain

About the Artform The word Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Mandala art became popular art therapy in the tough times of the pandemic. The Mandala drawing process requires immense patience and concentration. Mandala workshops are trending because of their simplicity and therapeutic nature. The symmetry in the geometric designs represents an aligned universe. Watercolour Mandala

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Mandala Workshop with Deepa Shah

The word literally translates to circle in the Sanskrit language. The roots of the Mandala art lie in the Buddhist culture. The symmetric shapes of the mandala design signify an aligned universe. Mandala art became even more popular after the trending reels and videos on the social media platforms  were uploaded in abundance. Mandala art

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Food Illustration Workshop with Khushi Patel  

Food illustration is a special creative art form, food is subjective as well as emotive. When it comes to food illustration  motion graphics, simplifying and minimizing for the illustration to come into effect. Food illustration brings out emotion and narrative visually for the viewers. About The Artist Khushi is a content creator and artist. She

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Illusion Ombre Bookmarks with Kritika Goel 

Mark your book with a little piece of art using some creativity and by bringing out your artistic side. Bookmarks are a booklover‘s delight and one thing that they love collecting. Bookmark lovers love having bookmarks of different colours and designs. One can learn to make Illusion ombre bookmarks and increase your collection. The Circle

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