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Exploring 5 Popular Animal Motifs Of Pithora Art

Have you ever seen a painting that is so replete with soulfulness that you cannot look away? Spirituality and symbolism feature in many Indian art forms, which makes them not just aesthetically pleasing but also a means of devotion. Art forms such as Mata ni Pachedi and Pichwai are an important part of worship rituals and are considered sacred. Pithora painting is another art form that links themes of divinity with artistic expression. The result is a panorama of motifs that are used to weave narratives of human and divine origin.

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How Rooftop Helps Artists Showcase Indian Artwork

As a kid, you might have dreamed of becoming an artist when you grew up. But if you ever told your relatives you wanted to study art, you would get the response, ‘Beta, you’ll starve. Following your dreams isn’t that easy’. Art is no longer a dreamer’s profession, but not anymore. Now artists know that they need to turn passion into profit. Mere ‘appreciation’ and ‘exposure’ as payment doesn’t satisfy them. The demand for Indian art has increased, and so has the value of Indian artwork.

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Top 4 Books on Gond Art You Should Read

The list of books on Gond Art that we have curated for you, captures the voice of the artists themselves. We cannot separate the artists from their social connectivity and subjectivity within their community. These books acknowledge the importance of art in the life of an artist who is rooted in community and tradition.

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The Diverse Tapestry of Indian Folk and Tribal Art Forms

India is a land of diversity, replete with multi-cultural communities, rich customs, and elaborate traditions. Almost every community came to express its unique perceptions and rituals through visual art forms. Through the passage of time, society developed, and factors such as religion, geography, politics, economic conditions, and social norms all moulded the communal perceptions of art. This led to the development of many Indian folk and tribal art forms, each with distinct styles, motifs, and legacies.

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Mandana Art and its Symbolism

Mandana art, a captivating folk art from the regions of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in India, holds deep cultural and symbolic significance. It is often associated with the Meena community, but its practice extends to various rural areas as well.

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Pinguli Chitrakathi: Maharashtra’s Lesser Known Tribal Art Form

When you think of the tribal art of Maharashtra, you inevitably think of Warli painting. Its commercial success has put Indian tribal art on the global map. But did you know that another style of tribal painting also originated in Maharashtra? Chitrakathi is a 400-year-old art form that began as a visual aid for the performing arts and evolved into a distinct art form.

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Kurumba Painting- A Celebration Of Creativity, Community, And Culture

When you think of tribal art forms, you might think of Warli, Bhil, or Gond painting. After all, these art forms have gained international recognition due to the efforts of artists and the government. However, India is a vast country with hundreds of cultures and communities, and there are still several art forms that are near extinction because not enough efforts have been made to conserve them. Creating awareness about tribal art forms like Kurumba painting is essential to ensuring their survival.

Kurumba painting is one of India’s lesser-known tribal art forms. This blog will guide you through the tools, traditions, and techniques of Kurumba painting.

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art forms of Jharkhand

Exploring The Cultural Art Forms Of Jharkhand

Did you know that the state of Jharkhand is India’s ‘land of forests’? This north-eastern state is home to 32 tribal communities and a kaleidoscope of cultural art forms. Some of Jharkhand’s art forms have gained international recognition, while others are slowly disappearing.

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