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A Thousand Cuts: Unveiling Domestic Violence Through Art

Silence, a traditional practice in Indian households. Where “izzat” (honour) and “sharam” (shame) go hand in hand. It was being silenced that commands cohesion to socially acceptable norms. To highlight the issues surrounding domestic violence and suppression, the concept of A Thousand Cuts was introduced.

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tribal culture

All About Aadi Mahotsav: A Grand Celebration of Tribal Culture

The sun-drenched city of Ahmedabad recently witnessed a spectacle of cultural magnificence as Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Arjun Munda, and Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, jointly inaugurated the Aadi Mahotsav on October 25th in a grand celebration of tribal culture. This 10-day extravaganza, orchestrated by TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India,

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Dark Academia and Indian Art

In the world of social media where people form a community and share their experiences through pictures, subcultures on Instagram and Tumblr have emerged. They all have their distinct criteria of beauty or what is ‘aesthetic’. One such ‘aesthetic’ is Dark Academia, which popularised learning of ancient arts and classics. The trend has also dribbled onto non-western audiences. Though the impact of Dark Academia is limited in India, a few aspects of it are picked up to make what is called Desi Dark Academia which has the potential of popularising Indian Art furthermore. 

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10 Steps to Write a Great Proposal for Art Grants

Writing a grant proposal in itself is quite diverse. You might be writing for a residency program, a fellowship, a project grant, or anything like that. No two applications can ever be the same. Some might give you straight questions, and others can be more twisted, along with boxes to fit your answers in. Some foundations require a list of things to be included in your proposal: project description, resume, budget, and so on.

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Art House Cafe

Things to do in Delhi this Weekend if you are an Art Lover

As an art lover, you must have visited galleries and Museums in Delhi, like the National Gallery of Modern Art and the National Museum. But what if we tell you that galleries and museums are not an end to your artistic exploration. Delhi has many art events going on that you have no idea about, so many opportunities to experience the joy of creating art and engage with people who love art as much as you do. Without any further delay, have a look at the unique artistic activities you can do in Delhi this weekend. 

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How to find Live Exhibitions and Workshops in Your City

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated on live Exhibitions and Workshops in your city can be a daunting task. With numerous events happening every week, it’s easy to miss out on valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to stay in the loop and make the most of these

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September art exhibitions

5 Must-Visit September Art Exhibitions in India

As the vibrant hues of autumn begin to paint the canvas of the world, the Indian art scene is coming alive with a plethora of exciting September art exhibitions and events this month. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, collector, or simply curious about the creative expressions of our time, these September art exhibitions promise to

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National-level Art Competitions You Should Participate in Now!

Participating in art competitions is the best way to showcase your talent and skills to the wider world. They help you gain confidence and recognition and you get a chance to learn from artists who are better than you. Art competitions are essential for a country like India which has a rich heritage and produced many art geniuses. In this blog, we will look at a handful of national-level competitions you should participate in.

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