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What To Keep In Mind While Switching To New Art Mediums

Introduction To Art Mediums Anything can be used to create art. You may have seen artwork made from trash, household items, leaves, and other unconventional materials. Art mediums are, simply put, the materials that you use to create art. Art mediums vary in shape, size, consistency, and colour and can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The

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Caring for your acrylic painting

A guide to Caring for your Acrylic Paintings

Whether you’re an art investor or a creator, caring for your paintings is essential to preserving their value. It also shows respect for the effort, heritage, story, and history behind them. Acrylic paintings, more so than other forms of artwork, tend to attract dust. But they can also be easier to maintain as they’re less

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Non toxic art supplies

10 Best Non-toxic Art Supplies For Kids

Art not only serves as an excellent platform for the curiosity of the children but also gives them ample opportunities to hone their skills and contributes to the overall development of your kids.

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Modern Art Forms

10 Modern Art Forms That You Should Know About

Being an artist or just an admirer, you may have come across this thought: how does art influence today’s society? Or, how has today’s society influenced art in its own quirky way? To begin with, art is neither time nor period-specific; it’s just a way of communicating. So, we at Rooftop have curated a list

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