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Healing power of art

The Healing Power of Art: Traditional Arts and Mental Well-Being

In this blog, we shall explore the healing power of art and how its presence affects the human mind. In the chaos of our modern lives, where stress seems to be an inevitable companion, finding solace and healing becomes imperative. Fortunately, art offers a refuge and a sanctuary where troubled minds find peace and rejuvenation.

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Art: Leisure or Professional?

Art can be viewed through multiple lenses. It is crucial to understand the interplay between art as a leisure activity and as a professional endeavour. In this blog, we shall examine its roles, functions and significance of art and its several contexts. Art offers individuals avenues for self-expression, creativity, and communication.

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Corporate event by rooftop

Corporate Events By Rooftop

While some employees dread the thought of another Friday activity as the deadline clock is ticking others might just want to give the “ice-breakers” a miss. Corporate events by Rooftop have brought a creative twist to these mundane activities.

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Negative spaces

Embracing the void: The power of negative spaces in art

It contributes to a realm that transcends mere strokes of a brush and takes the viewers on an artistic journey. Mixed with one’s own imagination and creative conscience, the negative spaces of a painting enhance the art. It is a mystery that craves to remain so, not wanting to be filled or “resolved” by an external party. 

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Mandala as a form of art therapy

Mandala is popularly used in art therapy to aid in the exploration of one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It is an artistic projection of the earthly cosmos and heavenly worlds. According to the philosophies taught in Eastern civilization, mandalas represent divine balance and stability in life.

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Art and mental health

Art and mental health: Benefits of traditional art for well-being

The idea that art and mental health can be correlated is a foreign concept for so many. But art therapy is increasingly becoming the go-to option to improve social, emotional and mental health by promoting self compassion, insight, sense of agency and self worth. With physical inactivity and social isolation at an all time high,

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New age art : Resin art

The Rise In Popularity Of Resin Art

During the lockdown, resin art became popular and it could be your next hobby as well! If you’ve never sin is a chemical compound that hardens to form a more durable material.

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