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Pattachitra art - Raghurajpur - Heritage Crafts Village

The World of Pattachitra Art: A Glimpse into Odisha’s Raghurajpur Village

This artistic hub of Odisha, India, is known for its master Pattachitra painters which dates back to 5 BC. Pattachitra art is an emotion for the natives of Raghurajpur. The entire process of creating Pattachitra art is revered as worship of their deity Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra. Let us dive deep to experience the uniqueness of Odisha.

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Traditional Indian Art Depicting Weddings and Processions

“The Big Fat Indian Wedding” is a phrase that encapsulates the grandeur, vibrant colours, intricate rituals, and traditions of the ceremony. The diverse regions and ethnicities give rise to not less than an equal number of traditions. These ceremonies are an expression of people’s cultural and communal emotions. Each tradition symbolizes hope, spirituality and companionship.

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Modern Interpretations of Indian Art in Architecture and Design

The three-letter word art encompasses a variety of emotions, history, and culture. Similarly, the architecture of any space speaks volumes about its heritage and aspirations. As quoted by one of the leading Indian architects Brinda Somaya, “A building should not only serve a functional purpose but also be socially and culturally relevant”. And, that stands

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Influencers of Tradition: Indian Art on Social Media

“Like, share and subscribe” is one of the most trending phrases in today’s age of social media. You might glimpse the remotest region of India that you never heard of. Channels like Instagram and YouTube give you a slice of their culture through the feed on their account. The current cultural zeitgeist is smartly leveraging

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 Art as a Side Hustle – Monetizing Indian Art

India is one example of versatility when it comes to art and culture. Pick any corner of the country and you shall find one unique style of art representing them and Indians are merely tapping this opportunity. Many individuals with mainstream jobs and responsibilities are taking up art as a side hustle and turning Indian traditional art into a source of modern income.

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Indian Art Going Global

The global love and appreciation for Indian art is more than just a passing trend. It is an evidence of how Indian art and the craftsmanship is timeless. Digital innovations, marketing, and collaboration have propelled Indian traditional art onto the global stage

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Mata ni Pachedi

Tracing the Evolution and Contemporary Relevance of Mata ni Pachedi

In the heart of Gujarat, lies an ancient art form known as Mata ni Pachedi. It represents a vibrant world, where every motif has a mythological tale of devotion and tradition. Practised by the Vaghri community in India, Mata ni Pachedi paintings are used as portable shrines during religious celebrations. Most of these paintings are done on a large cloth depicting deities and Goddesses such as Amba or Durga. 

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