Project Phad Se Padh

A unique synergy of traditional art & creative young minds to redefine the new age of learning.

Phad Se Padh Project, Phad Painting

A stunning artwork on Ramayana by Kalyan Joshi

A groundbreaking initiative that gives way to unconventional learning
through a 700-year-old art form of Rajasthan - Phad painting

कला Se कल Ka Nirmaan

Channelising creative skills for a better tomorrow.

With this unique Project, Rooftop is transforming the orthodox connotations attached to Indian traditional art forms and developing a sense of cultural inquiry in the young minds of the country. Recognizing and acknowledging the need of the hour, we, as a fast-growing startup have gradually worked towards contemporizing the art form while keeping the authenticity of the tradition intact.

Phad Painting

An impactful form of visual storytelling!
A 700-year-old legacy passed down over generations, Phad finds its origins in Shahpura, near Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Born in the land of folklore, Rajasthan, Phad painting is an art form that celebrates the folk culture and storytelling tradition of Rajasthan.


Phad painting is a legacy that has been passed down over generations in a family. These renowned artists have not only been practicing this art form for generations but have also remarkably contributed to representing this Indian folk art globally. We are fortunate to have a panel of master artists as mentors and advisors, whose expertise helps us and the participating schools navigate through the right path. Their valuable inputs enable us to do pure justice to the project’s ethos and the art form.

Pradeep Mukherjee

Pradeep Mukherjee, India’s first Miniature Phad Artist and recipient of the prestigious Shilp Guru Award, is known for doing the unconventional. He is the first Phad artist who does not belong to the traditional Joshi community.

Kalyan Joshi

Coming from a lineage of award-winning Phad artists, Kalyan Joshi is one of the leading names in the Indian folk arts world. His contemporary style with a traditional outlook is the highlight of Kalyan Ji’s artwork.

Vijay Joshi

A 13th-generation artist from the Joshi family practising the traditional Phad painting, Vijay Ji is keeping the legacy alive in contemporary times as well. His paintings reflect a sense of gratitude and reverence.

Shamsher Khan

Having learnt this art from his Guru Pradeep Mukherjee, Shamsher Khan is another acclaimed Phad artist who doesn’t belong to the Joshi clan. His dedication and passion toward art has fetched him State & National Awards.

Gopal Joshi

Gopal Joshi began his art journey at the age of 13. With several accolades like the National President & State award to his name, Gopal Joshi, went on to pin the traditional Indian art form on the global map. 

Prakash Joshi

Phad artist Prakash Joshi, well known for his fine brush work, combined scripted Devnagari phrases with fragments from the Pabuji story in the potraits showcasing royalty and legends. He has been honored with State award in 1998, National award in 2009 and UNESCO award in 2014

Kritika Joshi

Kritika Joshi comes from the lineage of award-winning Phad artists. Daughter of National Awardee Kalyan Joshi and grand daugther of Padma Shree Awardee Shri Lal Joshi, Kritiak is setting her foot in the contemporary world.