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Representation of Indian Folk Artists x Rooftop

The Indian folk artists are a reservoir of creativity and diverse culture. Yet, the concern of inadequate representation of Indian folk artists is multifaceted and persistent. It encompasses political, social, economic, and cultural aspects.

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How to Make Kalighat Paintings through Rooftop Maestro Courses

Are you a fan of the caricature and satirical narratives employed in Kalighat paintings of the 19th century? These paintings depict events from daily life and social narratives from a unique perspective. The Kalighat style of painting is still popular today as a discussion of social issues and contemporary commentary in quintessential Indian painting.

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Learn Cheriyal Scroll Painting from Rooftop’s Maestro Courses

Learn Cheriyal Scroll Painting, a 400-year-old South-Indian Folk Art Are you a fan of paintings that weave a narrative through multiple panels? Along with Phad paintings, Cheriyal paintings are also a traditional form of folk storytelling. These art forms have existed for hundreds of years, and while they may include contemporary themes today, their styles

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Learn All About Rooftop’s Rajasthani Miniature Painting Course!

Dal Baati Churma, Bandhani Saree, Hawa Mahal, Marwari Pagri! If there’s one thing that all of us know about Rajasthan, it is probably the song “Kesariya Balam”. But did you also know that Rajasthan is home to nearly 8 schools of miniature paintings? You heard that right. Try this. If you think about Indian paintings,

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Mastering Maestro: How Rooftop Is Revolutionising The Learning Traditional Art Forms

Are you a working professional stuck in a 9-to-5 loop? Or are you a student who is looking to expand their horizons?
What if you could learn traditional art at home in a completely self-paced manner? You won’t have to brave Mumbai rains, Delhi heat, or Shimla snowfall in your pursuit of art. With Rooftop’s Maestro courses, you can relax at home while learning traditional art from artists of national and international acclaim.

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