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Modern Interpretations of Indian Art in Architecture and Design

The three-letter word art encompasses a variety of emotions, history, and culture. Similarly, the architecture of any space speaks volumes about its heritage and aspirations. As quoted by one of the leading Indian architects Brinda Somaya, “A building should not only serve a functional purpose but also be socially and culturally relevant”. And, that stands

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Corporate event by rooftop

Corporate Events By Rooftop

While some employees dread the thought of another Friday activity as the deadline clock is ticking others might just want to give the “ice-breakers” a miss. Corporate events by Rooftop have brought a creative twist to these mundane activities.

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Brush up your Traditional Art Skills with Rooftop’s Inktober Challenge

Rooftop’s Inktober Contest Giveaway for Indian Art Lovers Hey there, art lovers! If you’re looking for a challenge or something new that’ll excite you, you’re in luck. Rooftop is launching not one, not two, but three giveaways this October. So gear up and get ready to get in that art practise you’ve been procrastinating. Rooftop

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Traditional Art Forms?

Can You Learn Traditional Art Forms Quickly? Let’s get right into it. The truth is that traditional art forms are so complex that you can’t learn everything ‘quickly’. Whether you’re a beginner to traditional art forms or a professional looking to expand your skill set, you can easily pick up traditional art forms once you

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What To Keep In Mind While Switching To New Art Mediums

Introduction To Art Mediums Anything can be used to create art. You may have seen artwork made from trash, household items, leaves, and other unconventional materials. Art mediums are, simply put, the materials that you use to create art. Art mediums vary in shape, size, consistency, and colour and can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The

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Watercolour painting

The Beginner’s Guide To Watercolour Painting

An Introduction To Watercolour Painting Are you a complete beginner to the world of watercolours? Or have your previous attempts resulted in dismal failure? This medium can be intimidating, as watercolour painting is very different from painting with acrylic or oil paints. The mesmerising fluidity of watercolour paint sets it apart from other art mediums.

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Learning Advanced Art Techniques: Composition And Perspective

An Introduction To Advanced Art Techniques Sometimes you may see an interesting effect in a painting and wonder how the artist achieved it. Did they have a fixed method or technique they followed? Art techniques are methods that make the drawing and painting process much easier. They are tried-and-tested ways of achieving a particular effect.

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Caring for your acrylic painting

A guide to Caring for your Acrylic Paintings

Whether you’re an art investor or a creator, caring for your paintings is essential to preserving their value. It also shows respect for the effort, heritage, story, and history behind them. Acrylic paintings, more so than other forms of artwork, tend to attract dust. But they can also be easier to maintain as they’re less

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