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About Rooftop

Rooftop is India's leading online learning platform for live art workshops and professionally curated art courses. Our mindfully selected classes help bridge the gap between artists and art lovers, making art easily accessible and approachable for all those who seek it.

The art experiences we provide are carefully designed to fit into your work life, allowing you to attend classes on the go, anytime, anywhere.
We offer a wide range of courses, starting from live art workshops where passionate and skilled artists give a voice and purpose to their art, to Maestro Courses and Art Therapies.

Our app not only provides creative services but also connects art enthusiasts to form an exclusive art community unlike anything seen before.

  • Over 2,000 Art Experiences
  • More than 2,100 Expert Artists
  • Engaging 42,800+ Members
  • Presence in 20+ Countries Across the Globe

Our Mission

Rooftop’s mission is to become a pioneering leader in the art industry by sculpting conceptual art and fostering creative genius. We aim to build a unique and transcendental community that empowers artists to bring their concepts to life.

Kartik Gaggar - Founder CEO Rooftop


Since its inception in 2020, Rooftop has upheld a consistent vision: to challenge people’s existing perceptions of art and redefine them in a manner better suited to the modern era. We seek to create a community of artists and art lovers that revives India's fading art forms. We resonate with the government's "India @ 75" initiative and the "Indian Council for Cultural Relations," both of which aim to showcase and foster the nation's rich art and cultural heritage to the world.

Goals & Objectives

Rooftop’s goal is to expand our customer base and clientele by innovating art experiences. We are committed to consistently challenging our status quo, and ensuring top-notch products and services. Our goal is to be the world's leading provider of art experiences, achieved through consistent, profitable growth.

Rooftop's Journey

What started as “The Circle Community” in 2020, has now transformed into “Rooftop” after two years of hard work and incredible persistence. Two years of not only surviving but also growing through the devastating times of the global pandemic. The original idea was to build a unique community that could unite local artisans, offering them a platform to showcase their art forms. With the intent to empower India’s authentic art and its practitioners, TCC operated on an invite-only basis.

With the brutal hit of the pandemic, especially on a young brand, all hopes for future business were lost. But Kartik Gaggar, CEO & Founder of the Rooftop, was not the one to quit easily. With everyone transitioning to a virtual medium, he saw a great opportunity to host live workshops and bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts.

Receiving amazing responses was the only push needed to grow and explore more possibilities around it. After detailed market research, recruiting the right team, and a comprehensive business strategy, Rooftop was born. With nothing much as a precedent to learn from, it was indeed a bold step. But resilience, passion, and intense labour bore sweet fruits at last. An initial community of only 50 artists from Jaipur has now grown into a family of 2100+ award-winning master artists from all corners of India. Presently, Rooftop hosts more than 700 art experiences, engaging over 25,000 attendees from 20+ countries worldwide.

With advancements in technology and technical aid, Rooftop has now launched a mobile application for both iOS and android devices for a more seamless, and personal experience. Learning art has never been more fun! Now you can take classes on the go, anytime and anywhere!