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Immersive art

Immersive art experiences in Mumbai: Where Stories Come Alive

Mumbai has no dearth of fun, out-of-the-box art experiences in Mumbai! In a city of diversity, these experiences provide a platform for artists to explore newer possibilities of research and art. They also enrich the cultural landscape and open up new avenues for experimentation. 

Immersive art is a form of heightened creative expression that not only involves observing but participating in. It is a multi-sensory environment created by the artist for their satisfaction, as well as for the public.

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Colour Psychology

Colour psychology: Its Influence on the Viewer 

Colour psychology is one of the most powerful tools in art, capable of evoking a wide range of emotions. The setting of a specific tone and mood for the viewer can be achieved through the simple medium of colour. Artists throughout history have recognised the significance of this element and utilised its psychological effects to convey deep meanings. 

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A Thousand Cuts: Unveiling Domestic Violence Through Art

Silence, a traditional practice in Indian households. Where “izzat” (honour) and “sharam” (shame) go hand in hand. It was being silenced that commands cohesion to socially acceptable norms. To highlight the issues surrounding domestic violence and suppression, the concept of A Thousand Cuts was introduced.

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The Art Hubs of India: Part V – Delhi

As this series of ‘The Art Hubs of India’ reaches its climax, our fifth and final edition is about the heart of India – Delhi. When one Googles “the art capital of India”, Delhi is the first name that pops up. While this could be debatable, with other cultural hubs like Kolkata being strong contenders

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The saree: A Timeless Drapery 

In Indian culture, a few garments possess the unique ability to be evergreen. They stand the time of time, possessing elegance, grace and versatility. Such is the enduring charm of the saree. It has traversed centuries, embodying tradition and femininity in all ages. Although the styles and methods of draping the saree have been modified over the years, the essence of this attire remains the same. Its evolution is truly a tale that reflects the dynamic nature of Indian society, history, artistry and identity.

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Benefits of art as home decor 

Your home is your sanctuary! It is your place of relaxation and getting away from the outside world. Having a familiar and comfortable environment gives a sense of security and stability. It is a space you share with family and loved ones, building conversation and meaningful relationships. Most importantly, it is your personal canvas to express yourself and your identity. Hence, choosing home decor is not a task one should take lightly.  

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The Ultimate Guide to Kid-Friendly Art Activities in Mumbai

Mumbai may be the bustling metropolis of the west, but tell your relatives that you’re raising a child in Mumbai and they’ll raise their eyebrows at you. So many people assume that busy cities are too fast-paced and lack the facilities required to raise a child. However, these very cities are also filled with exciting experiences for children. From museums to parks and everything in between, the city of Mumbai offers many kid-friendly art activities to learn, play, and explore.

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Depiction of Holi in Indian art 

The festival of Holi is widely celebrated in India. It is one of those days that people look forward to every year with utmost excitement! Although played the same way, each region has its own unique name for this festival.

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