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How Rooftop Helps Artists Showcase Indian Artwork

As a kid, you might have dreamed of becoming an artist when you grew up. But if you ever told your relatives you wanted to study art, you would get the response, ‘Beta, you’ll starve. Following your dreams isn’t that easy’. Art is no longer a dreamer’s profession, but not anymore. Now artists know that they need to turn passion into profit. Mere ‘appreciation’ and ‘exposure’ as payment doesn’t satisfy them. The demand for Indian art has increased, and so has the value of Indian artwork.

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Bulaayein Bharat (India Calling): Celebrating India’s Native Culture

India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions and art forms. From the colourful festivals to the intricate artwork, every aspect of Indian culture is a reflection of the country’s rich heritage. To celebrate and promote this cultural diversity, Rajasthan Studio has launched the Bulaayein Bharat (India Calling) program. This initiative is in line with

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First Step Towards NEP 2020: Project Phad se Padh with Rooftop

Life is a domain of beauty, and art just strengthens the beauty through which we view our surroundings. Art and paintings have been prominent in human existence since ancient times, and India is one of the biggest propagators of art. Every region and every state of India has a different art form that needs to

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