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Interpreting Metaphors in Art: Part IV – Nalini Malani

“I draw them directly on an iPad with my index finger, not with the Apple Pencil. There is sensitivity with the fingertip, which is erotic, raw and there is something very direct about this process of drawing, rubbing, scratching and erasing, to do with the messing around in one’s mind. I feel like a woman with thoughts and fantasies shooting from my head.” – Nalini Malani

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Influencers of Tradition: Indian Art on Social Media

“Like, share and subscribe” is one of the most trending phrases in today’s age of social media. You might glimpse the remotest region of India that you never heard of. Channels like Instagram and YouTube give you a slice of their culture through the feed on their account. The current cultural zeitgeist is smartly leveraging

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Symbolism in Indian Art

Exploring Symbolism in Indian Art

Indian art is renowned for its vibrant colours, intricate designs and rich symbolism. From ancient times to the present day, artists in India have used various mediums to express cultural, spiritual and social themes through their work. Across different regions and communities, distinct art forms have emerged, each with its unique motifs and symbols. In this blog, we shall delve into six prominent Indian art forms, namely Madhubani, Phad, Pichwai and Gond. Join us in our journey to uncover the hidden meanings behind their imagery and symbols.

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Interpreting Metaphors in Art: Part III – Sheela Gowda

In her work, Sheela Gowda sees sentiment over substance. She thinks about how these objects feel and their attachment to one another by looking at them through their motivations and acts. Despite or apparently “frugality” (as she puts it), the work always stays in touch with experience and reality, leaving much room for interpretation.

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Cheriyal Art

Cheriyal Art: Telangana’s Timeless Tradition

Cheriyal art is a treasure trove of cultural heritage from the heart of Telangana. With its roots dating back several centuries, Cheriyal art has evolved into a unique blend of tradition and innovation. It captivates art enthusiasts worldwide with its vibrant colours, intricate detailing and rich narrative themes. In this exploration, we shall delve into the fascinating world of Cheriyal art. By tracing its origins, techniques, themes and contemporary relevance, we will get in touch with this traditional form of storytelling through paintings.

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Eco Art Innovation

Eco-Art Innovation: Sustainable Practices in Indian Art Forms

The integration of sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices in Indian art not only preserves cultural heritage but also contributes to environmental conservation. Stay with me through the end! We shall dive into the numerous types of traditional Indian art forms and explore how artists are embracing eco-art innovation to create masterpieces while still protecting our planet Earth.

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Phad Art

Phad art: A Legacy Worth Preserving

Phad art serves multiple purposes within the community. They were not only decorative artworks but also functional tools used in religious rituals and ceremonies. In rural Rajasthan, Phad scrolls are prominently displayed during festivals. In the annual “Pabuji Ki Phad” festival, this style of art plays a vital role, where it serves to narrate the epic tales of Pabuji. The paintings would be displayed in front of a wide audience, with a storyteller reciting the verses. 

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