What Makes Art The Perfect Break?

Are you tired of replying to all the emails and attending boring meetings? Or the lectures are wearing you down? Have a break! Try something new, something fancy, something more colourful! Try getting your hands dipped in the shades of fun. But painting was not on your mind? Art doesn’t seem an answer to prolonged stress. Right?

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Explore – Where did Gond art originate?

India is a motherland of various cultures and folk art. Folk Art that traces back their lineage to thousands of years is found deep-rooted in the tribes and villages.  One such painting has its roots in a tribe called the Gond community of India. This painting gets its name from the same tribe where it originated i.e, Gond art.

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5  mesmerizing art therapies you should  definitely try

On our way to the journey of the ‘day’ we pass across thousands of souls, Not knowing in their hearts reside hundreds of tiny holes, Voids they want to fill or leave it open for something more?  Only God knows! Little do we try to heal ourselves, But have we ever imagined the power to

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The Ultimate Guide To Art Therapy

Do you use art as a coping mechanism? You might wonder whether it is healthy to drown yourself in these hues. Shocking as it may sound to you but painting is the newest and healthiest way of healing oneself. ‘Art Therapy’ is actual and Rooftop is reaching out to all those who want to recover through the expression of art.

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Top 10 Artworks for monsoon

Will it rain this weekend is the most asked question and honestly let’s not rely on the weather forecast but what we know for sure is the euphoria rain has on us. The drops’ pitter-pattering conspires in a way that all we want is to get lost in the rhythms of rain.

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10 Indian Folk Arts that are getting fame internationally

India is known for its rich cultural heritage but it would take almost our entire lifetime to uncover these hidden gems within the niches we don’t even know exist. Here are some of the famous folk art of India that even the world around us succeeded in uncovering because, not only the people who practice it are sincere to their work but their talent is so exceptional that the world couldn’t help but notice it.

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10 Best Art Galleries In India For Art Enthusiasts To Visit

India worships art and has given birth to some brilliant artists. As a result, every nook and corner of the country has its form of art and displays some mesmerizing pieces. To witness the enchanting power of these art forms, you must see them yourself. This is the reason why museums and art galleries exist. To sate

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Art Without Limits: Explore Handicrafts Across India

Blessed with rich art and cultural heritage reflected in every detail that goes into making any handicraft item, India is truly a paradise for art lovers. India’s craftspeople have a mastery of their craft that cannot be learned in a few years, which makes these art forms more valuable. However, to pay homage to the

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Deep-Rooted Modern and Traditional Indian Art Paintings

India is a country blessed with a rich cultural heritage. One can find numerous art forms. Whether it is tribal, folk, religious or rural art forms, it has now gained popularity. Modern and traditional arts are the two styles of paintings that are popular among artists and art lovers. Traditional Indian art paintings has mythological and

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