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The Lavanyavati Manuscripts of Orissa

Long before paper made its way to southern India, artists were using engraving techniques to create art on palm leaves. These palm leaf manuscripts of the past tell many local stories in innovative ways. Manuscript making was quite popular in Odisha, which is where the ‘Romance of Chandrabhanu and Lavanyavati’ originates from.

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The Laur-Chanda Paintings: A Tale of Sufi Romance

Certain romances are timeless: they transcend the boundaries of time, fate, and circumstance. In this blog, we explore yet another tale of forbidden love. As Laur and Chanda get entangled in a web of societal norms and personal desires, will they be able to persevere and triumph against all odds?

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The Diverse Interpretations of the Panchasiriya Motif in Warli Painting

Everyone knows what Warli art looks like, but few know the exact significance of its motifs. To truly ‘know’ Warli art, we must indulge in the stories of the Warli community. What we consider merely artistic symbols or motifs represent generations of cultural beliefs and spiritual practices that make up the Warli identity. As we explore the Panchasiriya motif, let us also gain a deeper understanding of Warli art itself.

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Source: Cartier Collections 

Cartier Jewellery: The Indian Forms of French Luxury

Cartier is a renowned French luxury jewellery and watch manufacturer. Established in 1847 in Paris, the brand is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, and royal clientele. During the 20th century, the brand developed jewellery inspired by the forms, gems, and patterns of India. 

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fireworks in Indian art

Fireworks in Indian Art: Sparklers and Celebration

From the discovery of fire to the invention of fireworks – we humans have always been fascinated by light. Time and again, poets and artists have strived to represent the brilliance of light on their canvases. Be it Van Gogh’s famous painting “Starry Night” or S L Haldankar’s “Glow of Hope”.  Perhaps, it was this

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Kalighat Paintings: A Story Influenced by Western Techniques

Kalighat paintings are a well-known artistic form that emerged during the 19th century. Influenced by British colonialism and its technological advancements, this style holds a distinctive place in the history of modern Indian folk painting.

Let’s focus on the technical history of this genre to understand how the arrival of western techniques led to its disparition. Thus, focusing on technique enables us to highlight how this style is deeply anchored in the complex history of the industrial century, between tradition and modernity.

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