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What to Expect at Indiyart’s Workshops

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the world of art? Indiyart by Rooftop, an illustrious art exhibition, offers a unique opportunity for art lovers to delve into diverse art styles, master new themes and concepts, and co-create with renowned master artists. Today, we’ll explore what you can expect when you attend one

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Which Art Forms to Explore at Indiyart Exhibition

Indiyart Exhibition is one of a kind. Never before has anyone ever seen so many Indian traditional art forms coming under one roof. Indian Traditional art embraces its rootedness in the everyday life of the people of a community and its sacred practices. Yet, it is constantly evolving in terms of its themes and style while maintaining the essence of its gurus. At Indiyart Exhibition, you will see the artworks of Padma Shri awardees and renowned artists of Indian traditional art. Without further delay, let us take you through all the art forms and their uniqueness that we will showcase at Indiyart Exhibition. 

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Discover the Diverse World of Indian Art at Indiyart

Indian art is a kaleidoscope of styles and art forms, a web interwoven with culture and heritage, interspersed with the spiritual and mystical elements of tradition and folklore. The vibrant, ancient, yet ever-changing, diverse world of Indian art is soon coming to the heart of Hindustan through Indiyart, an Indian art exhibition that will be held at Bikaner House, Delhi.

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