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Miniature Masters: Sahibdin and the Evolution of Mewar Miniature Painting

Behind every school of Indian Miniature painting is a master artist whose skill and unique style set the standards for what good art ought to look like. These artists rose to great heights and oftentimes supervised the work of younger artists at royal workshops or ateliers. Just as we’ve looked at the lives of painters like Nainsukh and Nisaruddin, today’s blog delves into the work of the Miniature Master Sahibdin.

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Miniature Masters: Ruknuddin and the Mughal Influence on Bikaner Miniature Painting

Bikaner is one of the numerous tourist attractions in the state of Rajasthan. This colourful desert town is home to a unique style of Miniature painting. The Bikaner School, or ‘shaili’ as they were referred to, features a blend of Deccan influences with a Mughal touch. This school rose to fame due to the expertise of two painter clans: the eminent court painter Ruknuddin belonged to one of them.

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Miniature Masters: A Glimpse Into the Life of Nainsukh and the Jasrota Miniatures

Nainsukh: Joy (to) the Eyes was one of the most prominent Pahari Miniature painters of his time and is recognised even today for his immense contribution to this genre of painting. Originally from Guler, his most popular paintings are from his time at Jasrota. His work would go on to significantly influence the Basohli style of painting as well as impact the late stages of the Kangra shaili.

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