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Rooftop - a one-of-its-kind platform to learn traditional Indian art. Rooftop brings curated art sessions and workshops to its discerning audience of art enthusiasts. It's a perfect place to learn the details of Indian folk and traditional art from award-winning maestros. Learn, share and meet like-minded artsy folks. Amidst rampant Westernisation and urbanisation, only our passion can save these rare and ancient art forms from fading.

Independent Learning

Rooftop offers live classes that are tailor-made to fit your lifestyle. With multiple time slots, you can learn at your own pace. Art has never been easier and more fun!

Learn from Experts

You learn only from the best! Art classes on Rooftop are led by experts and award-winning artists with years of hands-on experience in the art sector.

Personalised Workshops

Get one-on-one personalised sessions with your favourite artist through selectively curated art workshops that fuel your passion and upskill your creativity.

Art Community

The largest creative community where you get an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive network of master artists and art enthusiasts.

Self Care

Purposefully created art workshops reignite the passion within you! Take personalised classes for quality “Me-Time”.

Quality Curation

Our courses and workshops are curated professionally to enable a better learning experience. So you do not miss a single detail and come back every day for more!

Maestro Course

Witness award-winning maestros teach the intricacies of traditional Indian art. Give wings to your artistic skills; subscribe to a Maestro course.

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Rajaram Sharma

Pichwai Maestro Course

Dive into the spiritual world of Pichwai painting with Shri Rajaram Sharma ji's expertise.
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Kalyan Joshi

Phad Maestro Course

Unearth the ancient art of Phad with National Award-winning artist Shri Kalyan Joshi ji.
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Venkat Singh Shyam

Gond Maestro Course

Discover India's tribal art with Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and learn to create stunning Gond artworks.
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Bhuri Bai

Bhil Maestro Course

Explore the vibrant Bhil painting style with Padma Shri Artist Bhuri Bai's comprehensive course.

Workshops and Subscriptions

Were you always looking for a platform where you could access art anytime you want? Rooftop app is the answer. Get access to 100+ art workshops, meet expert artists and like-minded art lovers. A whole new world of Indian folk art lies ahead. And guess what? We have a seat reserved for you!

initiatives by rooftop

The Indian arts and culture community is brimming with opportunities. Learn how Rooftop has been at the forefront when it comes to unlocking the potential of this sector through different mediums.

How Rooftop Helps Artists Showcase Indian Artwork

As a kid, you might have dreamed of becoming an artist when you grew up. But if you ever told your relatives you wanted to study art, you would get the response, ‘Beta, you’ll starve. Following your dreams isn’t that easy'. Art is no longer...

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Connecting with PM Modi

Narendra Modi, Startup, Tourism
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On the Open Road: Celebrating the Bronze Brilliance KS Radhakrishnan

Renowned sculptor K.S. Radhakrishnan, a pioneer in the resurgence of Indian sculpture, is set to be celebrated through his first-ever retrospective exhibition. This exhibition has been curated by the distinguished art historian Prof. R. Siva Kumar, and will display the artist’s work from four decades...

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