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Know Your Maestro Course

Learn Traditional Indian Art from Award-Winning Maestros - Enroll in Our Maestro Courses Today

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Rajaram Sharma

Pichwai Maestro Course

Dive into the spiritual world of Pichwai painting with Shri Rajaram Sharma ji's expertise.
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Kalyan Joshi

Phad Maestro Course

Unearth the ancient art of Phad with National Award-winning artist Shri Kalyan Joshi ji.
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Venkat Singh Shyam

Gond Maestro Course

Discover India's tribal art with Shri Venkat Raman Singh Shyam and learn to create stunning Gond artworks.
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Bhuri Bai

Bhil Maestro Course

Explore the vibrant Bhil painting style with Padma Shri Artist Bhuri Bai's comprehensive course.

Master Traditional Art with Maestros

Discover the creative journeys of the master artists leading our comprehensive maestro courses.

Immerse in
Art Therapy

Embark on a transformative path to wellness by indulging in the holistic creative journey of art therapy.

Explore a Diverse Array of Indian Art Styles

Journey through the vibrant landscape of Indian art with our in-depth workshops taught by experts.

Immerse Yourself in Creativity with Inspire Me!

Unlock your creative potential and craft your own artful masterpieces with Rooftop’s workshops and courses.

What makes Rooftop unique?

Rooftop: Your Online Destination for Traditional Indian Art Courses. Immerse yourself in our exclusive workshops and art sessions, tailored for enthusiasts keen to explore India's folk and classical artistry. Under expert instruction from our award-winning maestros, you can learn, interact, and connect with a global community of art lovers. Join us in preserving and celebrating these treasured art forms against the backdrop of a rapidly modernising world.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Join live art classes that fit your schedule and learn art in fun, easy sessions. Start your creative journey with our online classes today!

Create with Masters

Study with expert artists to hone your skills. Enroll in our maestro courses for in-depth learning & start excelling in your artistry today!

Skill-Building Workshops

Connect with top artists in Rooftop's sessions to fire up your creativity and skills. Enjoy learning made just for you.

Rooftop's Art Community

Community of artists and art lovers, where a supportive network fuels your creativity & passion to create your masterpieces!

Explore Artistic Passion

Take a break with personalised classes designed for comfort and creation. Relax, create, and rejuvenate with us.

Premium Art Education

Our expertly crafted courses and workshops maximise every session. Dive into the colors and enjoy continuously rewarding experiences!

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