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The Contribution Of Art In The Overall Growth Of Children

art and kids

Children love art! Whether it is colouring the colour book, hand painting, or just scribbling. They love every form of art. Apart from just a fun activity art plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of these young artists. Art is naturally linked to creativity and imagination. Studies show that the process of creating art helps support the child in almost all areas of development. Research shows that art develops brain power.

Here is what everyone has to say about art and its relevance in kids’ overall life!

Science says that art boosts creativity, imagination, motor skills and neural development in children. Furthermore, it can be used effectively to teach other key subjects such as math, science, reading and writing. A study by Kit Mei Betty Wong from The Education University of Hong Kong proposed that art activities help in shaping children’s sense of self in a number of ways. It helps children to make choices, learn and improve, and connect socially. A study also shows over 10,000 kids through eighth-grade students that enrolled students in art classes improved their writing scores by 13%.

Rooftop brings you 5 reasons that will convince you that art plays a key role in the growth of your child.

Art Helps in Developing Skills 

Creating art can drastically improve the motor skills and speed up the problem-solving ability of the child. Whether it is colouring, scribbling, cutting or glueing paper it will enhance coordination. The aptitude while sculpting can improve the visual understanding of the child. Art accelerates the process of teaching them numbers, alphabet or matching similar objects. Including art as a regular habit will prove to provide excellent academic results in the future as well. In fact, reports indicate that kids who are engaged in art on a regular basis are four times more likely to be academically successful.

Art Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

For a growing child, it is essential to make them feel confident as this age is fragile and to ensure they don’t lose their confidence. Parents should introduce them to activities that are rewarding. Art is one such habit which will keep a child’s esteem in check. Secondly, completing every art project will give a sense of accomplishment to the child resulting in building confidence and a lifelong lesson of sticking to a project until it is completed. 

Art Promotes Creativity and Neural Connections

Creativity means using one’s own imagination to think out of the box and invent original ideas. To promote creativity art is a great tool, mixing colours and creating patterns that will be most unique encourages the child to think differently. Not only this, but art also builds a sense of sight, smell, and understanding. Creativity and innovations are the most important factors in long-term professional success which art helps to develop. 

Image credits: Monmar Nursery

Scribbling is the First Step to Writing

Before handing over writing pens hand your kid a crayon and teach them to hold it. Toddlers scribble every now and then which facilitates them to understand the movement of crayons on the paper. Asking them to colour within a figure gives them a sense of shapes and figures.

Facilitates Bonding

In a class when kids are taught colour they start interacting with fellow classmates. They develop communication skills with kids who don’t share anything common interests. Curating art in a small group teach them the value of sharing, taking turns and helping each other. 

Image credits: Fine Art America (L); First cry (R)

Art contributes to the overall development of children. It prepares them for professional success and develops skills pertaining to home and the world. In your attempt to provide a 360° upgrowth to your child Rooftop can assist you with our live art workshops for kids where they interact, learn and grow. 

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