Being an artist or just an admirer you may have come across this thought, how art influences today’s society? Or, how today’s society has influenced art in its own quirky way? To begin with art is neither time nor period-specific, it’s just a way of communication. So, we at Rooftop have curated a list of some different art forms as seen in modern times that You should definitely try! 

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling as a modern art form
Image credits: Personal Planner

Bullet Journaling is an organizational system that maintains track of everything you want to scribble down in a notebook. Layouts can be made in any notebook that has a dot-grid design and is available in several colours. Along with decorations like stickers, glitter, and washi tape, you can use fine point pens or markers as well.

Freeform Crochet

Freeform Crochet designs with varied patterns - A modern artform

Freeform crochet is a modern art form, style and technique through which you can ignore any patterns and come up with your design. These might have two dimensions, similar to a painting, or three dimensions, similar to a sculpture. With the help of the freeform crochet technique, a crocheter can explore all of the modern art styles in wholly novel ways.

Coconut Shell Craft

Coconut Shell Craft, a modern artform - a plant holder, a goblet and light decoration

The local industries department in Port Blair has started offering instruction on how to make items out of coconut shells. The products, which also include finger bowls, table lamps, and other accessories, have gained a lot of popularity. Another possibility is jewellery made of coconut shells, which might be sold on markets abroad. 


Quilling, a modern artform - Different bird designs

This modern art technique is utilized to form designs for greeting cards, jewellery, etc . As a matter of fact the paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted, and otherwise manipulated. Three-dimensional miniatures can also be made using this modern art form on various sizes of paper.

Butter Sculpture

Butter Sculpture of Harry Potter and a cow

Who would have believed that the butter, which most people would just use for breakfast, could produce such a lavish modern art form? Animals, people, structures, and other items are frequently portrayed in butter sculptures. Although they can also be found on dinner tables and even little decorative butter pats too. This modern art form and technique is mostly spotted as life-size cows and human attractions at state fairs in the United States.


Kirigami - A modern artform

By allowing artists to cut, clip, and snip their paper creations, kirigami allows a little more creative license. Kirigami also uses folds and is made from a single sheet of paper, just like traditional origami. These folds may occasionally be included in the final piece of a three-dimensional modern art.

Sand art

Sand art - A modern artform

Given its endurance, most people might think that writing in stone is preferable. The memories and their importance are probably erased on the sand. But as sand artists and sand arts demonstrate their talent more and more, the poetry created will undoubtedly stand the test of time.


Graffiti -A modern artform on the walls in India

Graffiti art first appeared in New York in the 1970s when youngsters started drawing and painting on walls . Furthermore, the sides of subway cars were also spray painted. Graffiti can take many forms, from bold graphics to a stylized monogram. This modern art form is gaining exposure by the day.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design - An upcoming modern art form
Image credits: Creative Bloq

A craft as old as graphic design, it may be traced back to at least 17,000-year-old cave drawings and Egyptian hieroglyphs. The print industry in the 1920s is where this modern art form first appeared. It goes on to discuss a variety of tasks, such as developing a logo. Although interactive tools must be used when designing in the digital age, graphic design still adheres to time-tested principles.

Glass blowing

Glass blowing - A hidden modern artform

Christine Roeger and her sisters were making glass bubbles while other children were making soap bubbles. It’s a difficult job, but it also ignites enthusiasm in those who are drawn to the intersection of art and science in their line of work.

The concepts that make up different modern art forms were developed by a range of painters, sculptors, photographers, actors, and authors who – both individually and together – looked for new ways to create art. And let’s agree that we are having fun exploring these modern art forms, styles and techniques. 

modern art styles and techniques

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