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Imperial Themes in Mughal Court Paintings 

As you dive deep into the world of Mughals, you will see a vibrant Indo-Persian visual culture depicted through Mughal architecture and paintings. In terms of architecture, aesthetics, glamour, and size are more likely to awe people with the power and prestige of the empire. But paintings were expensive and time-consuming, and only a few nobles had access to them. Moreover, the orthodox Islamic tradition has put restrictions on painting the likeness of humans. Despite these religious restrictions, Mughal court painters did not shy away from rendering human figures, especially that of spiritual significance. 
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Learn All About Rooftop’s Rajasthani Miniature Painting Course!

Dal Baati Churma, Bandhani Saree, Hawa Mahal, Marwari Pagri! If there’s one thing that all of us know about Rajasthan, it is probably the song “Kesariya Baalama” But did you also know that Rajasthan is home to over 6 schools of miniature paintings? You heard that right. Try this. If you think about Indian paintings,

A Guide To Showcasing Artwork On Rooftop

Photography is an important tool for artists. It is a form of visual art, but it is so much more than that. Artists can use it to take pictures of their artwork, capturing moments of their artistic journey that they can look back on. Let us guide you on how you can use the Rooftop app to showcase your artwork.
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Mastering Maestro: How Rooftop Is Revolutionising The Learning Traditional Art Forms

Are you a working professional stuck in a 9-to-5 loop? Or are you a student who is looking to expand their horizons? What if you could learn traditional art at home in a completely self-paced manner? You won’t have to brave Mumbai rains, Delhi heat, or Shimla snowfall in your pursuit of art. With Rooftop’s Maestro courses, you can relax at home while learning traditional art from artists of national and international acclaim.
art forms of Jharkhand
Indian Tribal Art

Exploring The Cultural Art Forms Of Jharkhand

Did you know that the state of Jharkhand is India's ‘land of forests’? This north-eastern state is home to 32 tribal communities and a kaleidoscope of cultural art forms. Some of Jharkhand’s art forms have gained international recognition, while others are slowly disappearing.
Indian Tribal Art

A Sister To Sohrai Art: Khovar Painting

Greetings, art enthusiasts! If you keep yourself updated on the happenings of Indian art, you’d remember the Sohrai-Khovar art form being awarded a G.I. tag.