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7 Perks of Learning Indian Art through Online Classes

Learning Indian art online provides a convenient and accessible way to study this rich and diverse artistic tradition. With a wide range of resources available, from ancient Hindu and Buddhist art to contemporary practices, online art classes allows students to explore the many different styles and techniques that make up Indian art. Online platforms often

The Chronicles of Kishangarh Miniature Paintings

Kishangarh Miniature Paintings The beauty of art lies in its diversity. And when it comes to Indian Art, there is no dearth of different styles and themes. There are several art forms, including paintings from across the country that stand out because of their unique characteristics and sheer brilliance. One such art or form of
Gond Painting
Indian Folk Art

Tracing the history of Gond Art: From walls to canvas

Gond Art is a traditional tribal art form originating from the Gond tribes of central India. It's a visual language that's been passed down through generations and is known for its bold lines, bright colors, and intricate designs. Whether you're looking at a Gond painting, mural, or wall hanging, you'll be struck by its energy and life.
Culture & Heritage

Understanding The Motifs And Themes Of Pattachitra

India has been home to many kinds of art forms, some of which have survived the test of time. The evolution of some art forms has been influenced by new materials and colours, while others have remained the same. In this article, Rooftop talks about the intricate motifs and the beautiful themes of Pattachitra that
CCRT collaboration with Rooftop
Culture & Heritage

Rooftop x CCRT: A New Way Forward

Wondering what is CCRT and why is Rooftop writing about them? Well, read ahead and find out! CCRT is an institution that links education with culture and is backed by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Centre for Cultural Research and Training or CCRT offers a variety of theoretical academic programmes that focus on

Which Artists Won the Padma Shree Awards in 2023

Celebrating artistic achievements is necessary as it helps to reinforce the prominence of Indian art in society. It also encourages greater awareness and appreciation of one’s cultural practices. Padma awards are one of the highest civilian honours of India, presented by the President of India. Guess what is one of our favourite categories? Of course,