We are Natyansh

We the people of Natyansh have been practicing theatre since 2013. The theatre group at its infancy was just an initiation of promoting drama activities and narrativising the social homogeneity. Later on, we irrigated it with our compassion towards the genre and ripened it for the portrayal of truth and righteousness. We have conducted numbers of workshops and campaign to maintain the discipline of theatre, along with this we started to take other workshops as well like writing, film making, direction and much more. Natyansh is now the family with more than 200 members. First thing we do while we take new people as a team is that we try to know them well, we make them family member; this makes them more desirous and loyal towards Theatre.

Our Expertise

Stage Play

A world full of actions, emotions and dialogues.

Street Plays

Powerful voice ignite the fire in common people.

Workshop & Seminars

Explore and discover the artist inside you.

Social Work

Being social is Being Human

Script Writing

Ideas took shape with pen and paper.

Dubbing & Voice Over

Every voice has an emotion

Radio Drama

Give wings to your Imagination

Short Films

Think, Act and Shoot

Creative Drama and Acting classes

Learn, play and perform

Upcoming Events

Recent Activities

Main Manohar Singh Hu

As part of Cultural Exchange, Natyansh Society of Dramatic and Performing Arts is organising a theatrical evening on January 31, 2020 in which play ‘Main Manohar Singh Hu’ based on the acting methodology and life of renowned theatre actor Manohar Singh will be performed by artists of Active Monal Cultural Association, Kullu. This solo play, […]
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Unemployment found shelter in ‘Hawalaat’

Even after 73 years of independence, the problems of poverty and unemployment prevail in Indian society to a great extent. Many people still struggle for the most basic needs of life – food, shelter and clothing. Social issues of casteism and illiteracy are deep rooted evils of the society. The play ‘Hawalat’ Written by Sarveshwar […]
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Gungaan Street Play

Deep rooted evils exist in our society that are nourished by none other than our own religious insecurities and lack of brotherhood for fellow countrymen. These evils are manifested through riots, fights or else -as per the new ‘trend’- social media trolling. We as citizens of such a diverse country do little to maintain peace […]
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