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Why Should You Go On A Painting Date With Your Friends?

painting date

Are you tired of going to the same restaurant, and spending time with your friends the same way every time? Well, for a new and exciting experience with your buddies, a painting date might be where your search ends. Painting helps people to convey their feelings freely, so if you want to know more about your friends, a painting date is just the perfect activity. You can think of starting your friendly date with a simple yet classy and elegant piece of painting. Have a look at the 10 art activities to try with your friends to know where to begin with. Rooftop brings you 10 reasons why a painting date is a must-to-do activity while hanging out with your friends.

Spend Moments Of Laughter

How often do you get to sit together with your friends for a long time and engage in some crazy activity? Creating art is a social activity! You and your loved ones get to talk, laugh, get paint on your noses and overall enjoy yourselves.

Stress Buster

Image credits: Trip Advisor (l); Girls Life (r)

Painting is extremely relaxing. It can be very therapeutic and after a long day, you all can benefit from the rewards of art by having it as a perfect break for you and your squad! A friendly date is a perfect activity to spend time together as well as freshen up from all the hectic schedules. 

Catch Up With Friends

A friendly painting date event is a perfect spot to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while by pre-planning it and inviting everyone on a small get together. You can bring your long distance friends with you, and have a blast!


Painting is a soothing experience for your brain and soul. It provides pleasure and happiness. It also allows the individual to express their feelings and emotions without words, just like in ” Mysore painting” which is a great way to understand each other in a better way and help each other out.

Image credit: Pinterest (l); Etsy (r)

Strengthen The Bond

A picnic spot, brushes in hands, canvas in front, cakes to eat and cheers to the wine with your best buddies! What else does someone need to have a nice chilling session? It gives you time and let’s you share the feelings deep within. 

Knocking Around Together

Painting requires time. Going on a painting date with your friends allows you to spend quality time with them because if you schedule a painting date, you can only do that when you can have 2-3 hours together at the very least.

Improving Skills

Going out with your friends on a painting date helps you improve your painting skills as you both can review each other’s work honestly and will provide suggestions to lift each other.

Pocket – Friendly

A painting date is a budget-friendly activity. You just need some snacks, a canvas, your painting tools and your buddies and you are good to go! You can try “Aipan art” as it uses only geru and white colour from rice flour.

Image credits: Red wood Bark (l); Winemag (r)

Be In Trend

You can make aesthetic reels while being on a friendly date! It is a trend setter nowadays and completely instagramable. You can enjoy up to the brim and be famous too! 

Try Something New

When you are among your people, you don’t hesitate to try new things and live to the fullest, even crazily. This allows you to dive into the ocean of art to get something new! It can be trying painting with your body parts like fingers or face.

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