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Why are Indian handicrafts so precious?


On a scale of 1-10, how breathtaking is it to look at Indian handicrafts? For us, it’s beyond 100. Since the beginning of the Indus Valley Civilization, there’s ample art and handicrafts around to consume and get inspired from. However, Indian handicrafts are an embodiment of a culture so vibrant in diversity that it’s always a new experience to be close to them. But have you wondered apart from art appreciation, why are Indian handicrafts so precious? Oh, we are totally curious, so let’s take a look.

Benefits of Indian Handicrafts

Indian handicrafts not only have a domestic demand, but also a high export demand. They are known for their durability and beauty and add a personal and cultural touch to one’s home decor. However, there are many other good things about them. 

  • Good for the environment: Indian handicrafts are not mass-produced in a factory. They are made usually by labourers themselves, and hence produce much less waste as compared to other products. They are eco-friendly as well and leave a positive print on the environment. 
  • Generating more employment: Since most of the work is labour-intensive, the Indian handicraft industry ensures the employment of multiple people, including the creators, the distributors, the promoters, etc. 
  • Products are unique: Every handicraft item you buy is bound to have a difference, however minute it is. Since the products are not mass-produced, they all have a different texture in the print and you can also get personalized items to gift your close ones. 
  • Beats the time: Handmade products are known to have higher longevity than mass-produced products. Due to the high quality and intricate assembling process, the Indian handicrafts are one of the most durable items out there!

If we start listing down all the benefits of Indian handicrafts, it will take us more than a day. But one of their most prominent characteristics is their close touch with India’s culture. It’s like a whole new world when you look closely at the handicraft industry. However, that still doesn’t tell us ‘Why Indian handicrafts are so precious’. So let’s go take a look at the preciousness of Indian handicrafts.

What makes Indian Handicrafts so precious?

India’s culture is so unique that every city and state has a new stroke to add to the workings of a school paper. However, what makes the Indian handicrafts so precious is that they are rich in heritage and have their own language and narration, motifs, and folklore, reflecting the magnificent diversity of India. 

Also, did you know that traditional handicrafts have no ‘out of fashion’ look? Of course, that is the case. But it goes deeper than that. With Indian handicrafts, you can give your home magic that is unique for your particular house. This list isn’t limited to your house, you can include it wherever you want for example as bags, shoes, juttis, laptop covers, mobile covers, etc. Isn’t that wonderful?


Overall, Indian handicrafts’ preciousness stems from their focus on art, usage, the rarity of design, and diversity. Every handicraft piece has its own journey, story, and experiences to convey to the person looking at the handicraft item. Next time you purchase a cushion cover from any handicraft store, think about its story and show your general appreciation. 

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