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What Makes Art The Perfect Break?

take a break

Are you tired of replying to all the emails and attending boring meetings? Or the lectures are wearing you down? Have a break! Try something new, something fancy, something more colourful! Try getting your hands dipped in the shades of fun. But painting was not on your mind? Art doesn’t seem an answer to prolonged stress. Right?
Rooftop believes it otherwise and here are 5 reasons why you should too!

Art prompts a love for learning and creativity

With the hustle to come first in the race for the most successful being, mankind has lost touch with our creativity and waved goodbye to the student in them. Art rekindles this connection and ignites the creative fire that was dimmed over the years. Making art the much-desired break.

Art stimulates brain

Have you ever seen the process of drawing a Mandala painting? If yes, you would definitely be aware of the nitty-gritty of the drawing. You need proper angles, shapes, curves, ovals, and much more. The point is art compels your brain to work a certain way. It motivates the concentration level. With the monotony in one’s life, it is easy for things to get out of hand. A slight tweak in our life gives us a sense of direction.

Helps in recovery

Your energy level is drained? Do you feel exhausted even if you just lie around all day? The solution to this is getting in your artistic phase. It does not have to be something magnificent, you can just try colouring and simple drawing. Gradually, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Painting something and looking at it soothes and helps you realise this exhaustion is just a phase and just like this drawing you will accomplish much more with sheer determination and a little faith.

Image credits: ELG

Does this make you feel like trying Art therapy? Hold on to that thought because you are at the right place at the right time! Check out Rooftop App to indulge in exquisitely handcrafted art experiences that are curated based on your needs.

Helps in processing emotions

Without any doubt, you may very well be aware of Max from ‘Stranger Things’. It was extremely hard for her what she went through, what did Vecna do to her? She processed it through painting. If it were not for the drawing; Nancy could not have made out the gate to the upside-down. Art has always been the easiest mode to express emotions without having to speak about them. Taking a break via art can help in processing tough emotions.

Image Credits: Vantage Point Recovery

Build holistic health

Your imagination is stimulated through art not only this it enhances your concentration and acts as an epicentre of all the focus and creativity. It boosts your motivation once you complete the drawing. It strengthens your relationship with nature and community by giving you a sense of belonging. Painting has been shaping lives since the dawn of humanity. 

Image credits: Counseling Care Circle

Colours are an expression of freedom, an expression of self-love. It hardly requires any major supplies, you can start creating with basic elements. Don’t wait around and gift yourself some moments away from all the chaos and enjoy solitude blended art. 

Rooftop brings you face to face to varied art experiences. From providing workshops to hosting employee engagement programs we are India’s leading platform that curates unique art experiences. With Maestro courses, virtual art sessions, therapies, and pre-recorded sessions, all under one roof, we are a one-stop art junction. 

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