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Watercolour Techniques And Motifs Workshop With Elizabeth John

watercolour techniques and motifs

Watercolour painting is one of the most popular art forms among artists around the world. This art form is quite fun to work with and is certainly relaxing and soothing. However, one has to be very careful and well-informed before working on this art form as it involves a combination of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. This art has several therapeutic effects and is always very intriguing and joyful to work with.

In order to bring a highly informative workshop for the Circle family, Rooftop organized a session on watercolour techniques and invited expert artist Elizabeth John to conduct it.

About The Artist

Elizabeth John is a fashion stylist and educator by profession and an art enthusiast by passion. She’s been exploring art since her childhood days and has been very indulged in improving her skills. Her love for art resulted in her taking fine arts and lo! There was no looking back from here. She loves to help people and enlighten them about art. Having her conduct the watercolour workshop was very fortunate.

And The Workshop Began

The workshop began with a brief introduction of Elizabeth John and her works in the field of art. She then greeted and expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the attendees and went on to describe the art form. She explained the basic steps involved in the art and also shared information about watercolours. Elizabeth then pointed out some of the best tips that she learnt from experience. The attendees were very thrilled and excited to learn these tips and co-create with the artist. The session was very intriguing and engaging.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

As the workshop progressed towards the end, Elizabeth created a very beautiful piece of art. The attendees, too, were able to create their own pieces and asked Elizabeth for feedback. She found all the artworks very beautiful and full of effort. The session ended on a grateful and appreciative note. 

The attendees were from different parts of the country and belonged to various age groups, but were united by their passion and affection for art. Rooftop, as always, was successful in creating memories to be cherished for a long time.

On that note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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