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Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop with Sipaas Usmani

Watercolour Floral Wreath Workshop with Sipaas Usmani

Watercolour painting is the process of mixing colour pigments with water. Watercolour painting is known for its thin and transparent colour, along with its delicacy and subtlety. Watercolor painting is considered as therapeutic as a self-care practice as it helps in reducing stress for adults and also helps children in increasing their concentration and hand coordination.

To make our Circle family pick up their childhood craft items once again and go back in time, TCC organized a fascinating session with artist Sipaas Usmani.

About the artist

Sipaas Usmani is a freelance artist and is active on Instagram by the username @sipaasusmani. She makes handmade gifts, paintings, and sketches. Usmani is a self-taught watercolour and calligraphy artist. She takes creative collaboration workshops and also makes customized mugs, home decor pieces, and keychains.

And The Workshop Began

The workshop began with Sipaas teaching to paint a rose on a canvas using C strokes. She then painted the rose an attractive pink and advised on using a specific kind of brush for the painting. She shared her journey as an artist and how her passion bloomed during the lockdown. Usmani answered the queries of attendees and recommended the best brands to buy the art material. She painted the golden leaves beautifully with her brilliant brushstrokes. She also advised how one can master their stroke through constant practice and give the roses a perfect shape.

Further, spoke about how the art form can also be used for the purpose of gifting such as a handmade card drawn with small roses and berries. She made watercolour floral art a child’s play and made sure the participants enjoyed making their creations.

Towards The End Of The Workshop 

The participants had a lovely time learning about watercolour painting and walking down memory lane with Sipaas Usmani. The attendees were from different parts of the country.  All the participants showcased their colourful canvas and were joyful as they reconnected with their inner child. The workshop concluded with everybody showing their artwork as the host thanked Sipaas Usmani for sharing her artistic knowledge and experiences with the participants and bid goodbye at the end.

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time.

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