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Watercolor Mandala Bookmark Workshop with Vidhi Jain

Mandala bookmark

About the Artform

The word Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. Mandala art became popular art therapy in the tough times of the pandemic. The Mandala drawing process requires immense patience and concentration. Mandala workshops are trending because of their simplicity and therapeutic nature. The symmetry in the geometric designs represents an aligned universe. Watercolour Mandala Bookmarks add soulful spiritually to the habit of reading.

About The Artist

Vidhi is currently residing in Mumbai. She is fond of traditional art forms. She is from a Rajasthani family so Mandala and Mehndi are her  favourite of all. Vidhi has always tried to be associated with art. Her passion for art grew more in her college years.

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The Workshop Began

Vidhi gave a detailed explanation about the materials needed. She exhibited some of her other artworks so that the kids got an exact idea through visual representation.  She first introduced brush pens explaining how the colouring technique is similar to watercolour paints on plastic sheet. It was interesting to see how she used her fingers on a plastic sheet to merge different shades. After that , she further explained the sample pattern drawing for Mandala art. Vidhi drew a circle at the centre of coloured background. She completed the Mandala design with black marker pen.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

 The attendees were able to replicate the art process. Vidhi was happy to see the outcome and corrected their mistakes.They were delighted to project their fruitful outcome. They also belonged to different age groups but their love for art brought them together on a single platform. The Rooftop Community, as always, was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. 

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