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Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop With Amisha Sankhala

Hand lettering has always been a very interesting and engaging art form known to mankind. One of the most famous forms of hand lettering is the Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop. It’s one of the most practised forms of calligraphy. This art is quite engaging and intriguing, making it a must-learn art form.

To explore more about the art form, CC organized an amazing and fun-filled workshop for the Circle family and invited artist Amisha Shankala to conduct the session.

About The Artist

Amisha is an ardent follower and admirer of art. Her love for art knows no bounds as she started her artistic journey at a very young age. She eventually mastered her skills in the field of calligraphy, but it was in the lockdown that she took up her passion in a professional manner. Practising calligraphy during the hard times of Covid-19 motivated her and kept her positive. She finds art as a medium for healing and therapy and thus loves to conduct workshops on art to share its magic with fellow art enthusiasts.

And The Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop Began

The Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop began with a brief introduction to Amisha and her experiences in the field of art. Amisha then expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the attendees and the host of the session. She gave some insights into the rules that have to be followed when creating calligraphy artwork and types of brushes and other materials to be used. She started creating the artwork from scratch by demonstrating each step in a very detailed manner, making it easy for the attendees to understand the whole process and follow her instructions. The attendees too remained engrossed in the process while they co-created with her. 

Towards The End Of The Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop

As the workshop progressed towards completion, Amisha successfully created a wonderful artwork. The attendees, too, tried their hands on the art form and showed their respective works to Amisha for feedback, who found them very beautiful and full of effort. 

The session proved very advantageous for the attendees as they got to see a whole new form of calligraphy. They were all delighted and gleeful at the end and expressed their heartfelt gratitude and appreciated the efforts of Amisha as well as TCC.

The participants were from different parts of the country and belonged to various age groups, but their love for arts brought them together on a single platform. TCC was successful in connecting artists and curating a positive and magical vibe altogether.

On this note’ here’s us signing off until next time!

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