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Water Colour Painting Workshop With Devina Sharma

Watercolour Workshop

Water colour painting is among one of the oldest artforms. It involves mixing paint with water to blend colours. To conduct a Water Colour Painting Workshop, Rooftop invited Devina Sharma, a water colour artist from Delhi who has been practicing this artform since past 3 years.

The Water Colour Workshop Began

She began the water colour workshop by talking about the artform. Then she briefed our participants a little about the art motif. Step by step she showed how to create beautiful colour effects with paintbrush. She also showed various colour blending techniques to create different colour patches eventually creating a beautiful seascape. Though online workshops are difficult to follow, all fifty participants listened to Devina attentively and were successful in creating beautiful watercolour paintings by the end of the workshop.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The way everyone created the exact same painting which Devina made, was commendable. Some of our participants were creative enough to improvise the painting as well. We had participants of different age groups, but it was wonderful to see each of them painting together. At the end of the workshop we could see everyone holding up their seascape painting on our screens. The way they kept in mind the minute details of the painting and had grasped the art of blending the colours delighted Devina.

Rooftop aims to create a platform for artists so that they can learn, impart and show their art to fellow artisans. We curate such unique workshops on a regular basis to keep everyone creative and productive even during these uncertain times and hope to continue doing the same.

Stay safe and stay creative! Here’s us signing off, until next time.

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