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Using Phad Painting to Explore the Endeavours of the Rajendra Singh, the Waterman of India

Presented by Salwan Public School, Gurugram, Delhi as a part of Phad Se Padh initiative

Students & Teachers’ Experience

A new concept called “Phad Se Padh” combines traditional Indian art with modern tales in order to preserve India’s cultural legacy. We were excited to be a part of such a brilliant project that utilised a multidisciplinary approach right from the start. We decided on the river rebirth story since rivers are essential to preserving and reestablishing ecological equilibrium. We told the tale of Shri Rajendra Singh Ji, who was dubbed the Waterman of India, through the Phad. It highlighted our people’s knowledge and the value of our age-old practices, which we usually disregard. It’s been a collaborative learning process.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Deepti Jain

The Story Writing Team:

  1. Ms Charu Govil 
  2. Art Department
  3. Ms Anju Chauhan 
  4. Ms Madhu Negi
  5. Ms Pampa Majumdar

Music Department:

  1. Dr. Sitaram Sharma
  2. Mr Virender Singh

Student Coordinators:

  1. Diya Jain, XI
  2. Varnika Jain, XI

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