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UPIDR Expands Campus for Business Training of Artisans

UPDIR to support artisans with a business education.

Uttar Pradesh Institute of Design and Research (UPIDR) is making significant strides in supporting local artisans and craftsmen by expanding its campus in Lucknow. As a part of the government’s initiatives, UPIDR has been instrumental in imparting business training to artisans under the ODOP and VSSY schemes. The institute aims to enhance the skills and entrepreneurship capabilities of these talented individuals, enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Under the guidance of Kshipra Shukla, Chairperson of UPIDR, over 14,000 artists have already received training this year. The institute plans to train an additional 30,000 artisans by the end of 2023. The training programs, conducted over several days, focus on business and finance management, marketing strategies, and leveraging social media for promotion. Artists specializing in various crafts, such as black pottery, chikankari, metalware, gulabi meenakari, and rogan art, have been benefiting from these initiatives.

UPIDR aims to bridge the gap between traditional art forms and modern design by bringing in subject experts from India and abroad. These experts collaborate with the artisans to infuse innovative design elements into their traditional art forms. By merging different art forms and design templates, the institute helps artisans contemporize their creations, making them more appealing to a broader audience.

Several artisans who have undergone training at UPIDR have experienced remarkable transformations in their careers. One such success story is that of Kunj Bihari Singh, a gulabi meenakari artist from Varanasi. After learning essential business skills, including product photography and online representation, Singh received significant orders worth lakhs and even garnered a national award. Another artist, Dilshad Hussain, a brass carver from Moradabad, achieved recognition for his artistry and was honored with the Padma Shri.

At UPIDR, students are encouraged to explore at least two handicraft forms as electives. Pottery and weaving have emerged as the most popular choices among the students. These electives provide students with insights into the technical aspects of various crafts, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of traditional art forms.

The expansion of UPIDR’s campus and its commitment to providing business training to artisans in Uttar Pradesh exemplify the government’s efforts to uplift and empower local talent. Through the institute’s initiatives, artists are equipped with essential entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to leverage modern techniques and platforms to expand their reach and enhance their economic prospects. With the amalgamation of traditional art forms and contemporary design, UPIDR is fostering a vibrant ecosystem that promotes the preservation and growth of India’s rich cultural heritage.

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