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Upcycling with Air Dry Clay Workshop with Shreya Khanna

Upcycling with Air Dry Clay Workshop with Shreya Khanna

Upcycling is the creative reuse of old products getting transformed into new products. The materials are converted into reusable new upcycled products after their creative transformation, which increases their artistic and environmental value. Upcycling is done using available household products such as paper, glass, and plastic. Examples of upcycling products are converting adult socks into toddler socks, mason jars as salad containers, a broken lid of a teapot converted into stationary storage, etc.

The Circle community conducted a fun and interactive workshop with the young and talented upcycling artist Shreya Khanna.

About the artist

Shreya Khanna is an upcycling artist and a 22-year-old biochemistry student from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She goes by the username @Sartsoul on Instagram. The young artist made a name for herself as an illustrator and upcycling artist after she started posting her artwork on Instagram, which got her noticed.

And the Workshop begin

The participants got an opportunity to know about upcycling virtually. The session was conducted in such a way that all the participants were enthusiastic and engaged while making their creations. The attendees and Shreya made a decorative piece from glass.

Ms. Khanna shared a lot of artistic pieces of advice with the participants. She also happily answered the participants’ questions about her experiences with clay in her childhood. The session was interactive and lively. Shreya explained the method for creating designs in a simple manner, therefore making learning fun. She demonstrated her creativity and artistic skills beautifully by sharing tips and tricks on what objects can be used for the purpose of decoration.

Towards the end of the Workshop

Shreya showed her colorful artistic flower pots that had her sister’s name and initials. She had upcycled a  trunk by giving it a beautiful makeover and showed her various designs. A decorative table and sunflowers beside the mirror complimented the dressing table. The members of TCC had a wonderful time learning this sustainable art form.

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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