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Up-cycled Plate Workshop With Bandita Bose

Up-cycled Plate Workshop With Bandita Bose

Up-cycled Plate Workshop: Upcycling or creative reuse is the process of transforming by-products, or waste materials into new materials. These materials or products are of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value. The basic idea behind the Up-Cycle plate workshop is to make the best out of the waste.

Rooftop curated a Experience and invited Bandita Bose to conduct the workshop on Up-Cycling plates. She is a self-taught crafter who believes in affordable art and is a DIY artist with a passion for Decoupage. She has been a full-time crafter for more than seven years now and regularly conducts art workshops and collaborations. Her craft aims to upcycle and reuse the waste material. She is constantly on the lookout for alternate things to make her craft affordable.

The beginning of the workshop

The theme of the workshop was sustainability and creativity. Bandita upcycled an old plastic plate and layer it with a homemade primer. The primer, made of talcum powder, white acrylic colour and fevicol was mixed together in equal portion till the desired consistency was achieved. Once the primer was ready, it was time to clean the plate with the sandpaper and apply a thin layer of primer over it and dry it with a hairdryer. This process was repeated until the entire plate was covered with a thick layer of white primer. 

Once the base was hard and dry, it was time to unleash our inner artist and be as creative as possible. 

Towards the end of the workshop

With a white canvas ready, there is a lot that we can do, but Bandita took a new approach of pasting the designs of deco parche tissue with the help of glue and water. To all the creative heads in the workshop who weren’t having the deco parche tissue, to them, she suggested either to paint their canvas or write some fancy quotes with the help of a paintbrush. 

The workshop ended with a big satisfactory smile on the faces of the attendees and a new skill to reuse their old crockery in an artsy way! 

Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. We keep organising such creative workshops to keep everyone productive and creative.

Stay safe and stay creative! Here’s us signing off, until next time!

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