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Unveiling Specialised Art Therapies For Effective Mental Health Conditions

Unveiling Specialised Art Therapies For Effective Mental Health Conditions

Art has many benefits some people make it their hobby, but some make it their passion. One of the biggest benefits of art is that it plays a major role in improving your mental health. If you are wondering how to let us tell you! 

The use of specialized art therapy to uplift mental health and stress reliever dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when World War II veterans suffering from shell shock created works of art to assist them to digest what they had seen and experienced in war, soldiers suffering from “shell shock” produced works of art Art serves as a bridge between a person and self-expression because sometimes an individual’s experiences are too difficult to put into words and describe.

Art Therapy
Image Credits: P.S. Arts

This approach is known as creative therapy. Rooftop is India’s top online learning resource for live art workshops and expertly curated art courses. Join us on this journey as we look into the links between art and mental health in this blog through specialized art therapy.

Art therapy techniques

The most basic explanation of art therapy is the use of the visual arts in a therapeutic context. It is also suggested that the advantages of creative expression can be felt without necessarily visiting a therapist.

Unveiling Specialised Art Therapies For Effective Mental Health Conditions
Image Credits: Master Peace Box

From the comfort of your couch, you can attempt a range of simple activities like clay modelling, glass painting, knitting, pottery, sketching, etc. You can choose any artistic medium as long as you enjoy and feel comfortable with it. However, working with a qualified therapist has advantages as well because they can tailor each activity to your unique needs.

Advantages Of Art Therapy

Traditional mental health treatments are often supplemented with art therapy. The goals are to regulate behaviour, manage emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve one’s sense of self-worth.

Deep Dive

Creating art helps you understand your feelings whilst also identifying buried feelings within your subconscious.

Confidence Boost

You’ll feel accomplished as a result of the procedure, which might help you feel better about yourself and have more confidence.

Art Therapy
Image Credits: The Daily Californian

Letting Go

Giving you a constructive avenue for articulating and letting go of all your feelings and concerns is the biggest advantage of art therapy. Complex emotions like grief or fury can be challenging to express verbally at times. Making art can help you express yourself if you cannot do so but still need emotional release.

Easy Techniques To Follow At Home

Certified art therapists frequently have a strong understanding of the powerful impact that the creative process may have on clients in therapy. Art therapists commonly integrate clinical techniques with philosophical, artistic, and psychological theories to get the desired therapeutic result. 

Here are some artistic techniques you can use as creative therapies in the comfort of your own home.

Art Therapy
Image Credits: RTOG (1); Puksta Foundations (2)
  • Sculpting 
  • Journal decoration 
  • Sketching 
  • Clay moulding 
  • Scribbling 
  • Doodling 

Additional, research demonstrates that making art promotes dopamine production. When you are in enjoyable activities, this hormone is released, and it essentially uplifts your mood. If you are dealing with anxiety or despair, higher amounts of this feel-good transmitter can be highly beneficial.

Experts and mental health professionals concur that art therapy offers several advantages, including enhancing self-esteem, offering you a secure outlet for releasing emotions, giving you a sense of ownership in your life, and assisting you in bettering your understanding of yourself.

Art Therapy
Image Credits: Psychcentral

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