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Untangle Art With Zentangles With Shivangi Patel

Untangle Art With Zentangles With Shivangi Patel

Zentangle is also known as Zendoodle. If we separate the two words in Zendoodle then we get zen which means calm and doodle which means to scribble down your thoughts. If we put them together it means scribbling your thoughts to attain a sense of calm. After our last workshop on Mandala, Zendoodle workshop was a good to go workshop.

About The Zentangle Workshop

Rajasthan Studio organized a Zentangle Workshop with the master artist herself. Shivangi Patel started her art journey at the age of 5. She has won over 250+ awards in various international, national, state-level painting competitions. The most prestigious among this was the one received from our former honorable President, Lt. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in an international competition.

The Workshop Began

Shivangi Patel introduced everyone to this new form of art called Zentangle or Zendoodle. She said,

There is no particular rule of Zendoodle, you just draw whatever pattern comes to your mind and it automatically creates a beautiful design.

On that note, all the participants began doodling on their bookmark sized paper, and attentively listened to Shivangi. She drew a beautiful bookmark with a peacock and feather by just using color pens and sketch pens. The participants were fast learners and learnt the art of zendoodle quite quickly. After everyone finished their work, they flashed their beautiful bookmarks in front of the camera and successfully impressed Shivangi.

Then we went on to make another bookmark with a painted background this time. Just by drawing simple circles, Shivangi taught how to make a dreamcatcher. The participants were amazed at how easily she drew on the dreamcatcher. Motivated by her, the participants also tried their hands at drawing the dreamcatcher. And it turned out to be quite beautiful as everyone had their own way of doodling and drawing.

At the end of the workshop when everyone showed both the bookmarks they made in the workshop, Shivangi Patel felt like a proud teacher and we felt happy to have organized a workshop where people learnt a new form of art.

We at Rajasthan Studio, keep organizing such innovative art workshops to keep artists connected and introduce them to such new kinds of art.

Stay safe, stay happy, and stay creative. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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