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Under the sea with Acrylics Workshop with Gayatri Prahlad

Under the sea with Acrylics Workshop with Gayatri Prahlad

Everyone is delighted at the sight of beginning or creating something new. Especially with the colours. There are so many colours available in the market and every art enthusiast is busy creating and learning some or the other forms of the unique art at Under The Sea With Acrylics Workshop. 

One such unique artwork to explore and achieve mastery in is learning to draw under the sea creatures with effective texture and feel. This can be best achieved when done using acrylic colours. 

And therefore to let you learn and acquire the most of it, Rooftop has managed to organise an Under the Sea Acrylic Workshop with Gayatri Prahlad. So, let’s see what’s in store for you! 

About the Artist:- 

Gayatri Prahlad is a former Chartered Accountant holding impressive years of work experience. She’s currently a proud homemaker and a true devotee of art whose hands are strongly clear on acrylics, oil pastels, watercolour and more. She’s a self-taught artist who is constantly seeking more and more learning & sharing opportunities. 

The Under The Sea With Acrylics Workshop began:- 

The workshop began with a warm introduction from the mentor, Gayatri Prahlad. Later she was requested to take over and begin the workshop. She began by introducing participants to the concept of acrylic colours and associated aspects. 

Once the introduction was done, she began crafting the art that she was meant to. While doing so, she ensured participants to keep in the loop and helped them tackle any and every query associated with the art form. 

Gayatri Prahlad also shared a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when practising such artforms and ensured equal attention to every participant. 

Towards the end of the Under The Sea With Acrylics Workshop:- 

Under the sea with Acrylics Workshop with Gayatri Prahlad concluded on a very constructive note. The participants marking their presence came from different age groups holding a strong vision and passion for art. 

On successful completion of the workshop, the co-creators won an opportunity of showcasing their unique art to the mentor herself. In doing so they received constructive feedback and suggestions that helped participants explore the workshop in a detailed manner. 

Rooftop succeeded in serving creative minds with extreme exposure and guidance through its Workshop. It aims to continue to do so in order to mark a sound presence of art and creativity. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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