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Udaipur Circle Launch

Rajasthan Studio

All it took was a feather to strengthen the bond between Rooftop Artists from the City of Lakes and the Pink City

2020 was to be the year when we expanded our terrain of Rooftop, an open-to-all-artists free platform where they would network, share and nurture each other’s art to grow further in their lives.

However, our plan went for a toss when suddenly the invisible enemy, COVID 19 virus, attacked the humankind, forcing them to shut everything down and limit themselves to their homes. For the months prior to the spread of the pandemic, we had planned numerous city-wise physical launches of our circle of artists around the state and even beyond it, but alas, all in vain!

Or, so we thought because destiny (and our founder, Kartik Gaggar) had something else planned for us.

Were we in for a surprise? You guessed it right, people!

So, Kartik decided to use the lockdown time to the best of its advantage and in the absence of a physical launch option, decided to go the virtual way!

After launching two successful circle launches in Jodhpur and Ahmedabad, we were now ready to roll the red carpet for Udaipur artists.

So, for our Udaipur launch of ‘The Circle,’ we had Rajesh Yadav, an international contemporary artist as our guest of honour, and Aditi Agarwal, a feather artist from our Jaipur circle as the leading artist for the experience.

The others who joined in our debut Udaipur art experience were:

Yavar Rasul, a poet and a writer with a knack for singing.

Anees Ali, is a fashion photographer from Udaipur with a penchant for concept-based photography.

Fatima Radio Wala, a textile designer working with rural women from neighbouring villages to promote the sustainable handloom textiles.

Khushi Sancheti, a lawyer by profession and a graphic designer by passion.

Marisha Dixit, an upcoming singer and music performer.

Rekha Sisodia, a theatre performer and enthusiast working with many theatre communities in Udaipur.

Priyvrath Singh, is a reputed cinematographer working on many projects in Udaipur as well as Mumbai.

Dilip Singh, a creative wall artist who has been creating fascinating wall art for many local cafes and restaurants in the city.

Mohit Choubisa (Surname), a talented mandala artist.

Om Kalra, a fine arts student aspiring to be a fashion designer.

The experience started with the brief introduction of all the esteemed artists by Rhimjhim, our Udaipur circle manager. During the introduction, Yavar gave a glimpse of his ‘shayar’ side and recited a Yavar-original poem for all of us. It was followed by a beautiful rendition of ‘Agar tum saath ho…’ by the other artist, Marisha.

It was heartening to see how most of the artists who joined in for the experience were actually mentored and nurtured by none other than Rajesh Yadav. Truly symbolising the trait of a true artist, we could see the pride in Rajesh sir’s eyes when his students spoke about their work and achievements. 

After the orientation, as Aditi joined in the session, we quickly started with our theme of the experience, that was painting, sketching, or drawing on any subject. Before getting on with the painting, Aditi showed us her beautiful artworks on feathers and gave the participants a peep into the world of feather art. She shared how she collects the feathers that are dropped off naturally by the birds from various places like the zoo, forestry department areas, etc., and how intricately they have to be cleaned and blow-dried before they can be used as canvases to paint on.

After sharing her insights, she then asked everyone to gather all the sketch pens, colours, brushes, etc., whatever they could find to begin working on their artwork.

Remember Yavar? So, he had this brilliant idea to give a little background score to the session and entertain the artists as they painted. 

You can listen to him playing his favourite tracks beautifully, at 59:40.

With Yavar playing for us in the background, we forget where when the time went by and the session came to its end.

While we did say our goodbyes, we promised each other to meet soon again, virtually and in person, once the pandemic is curbed, and when the life goes back to what we know as normal.

But, till then, we have decided to keep our spirits up by connecting with the world of artists through the power of the Internet and bring you the real slice of life, THE ART, in all its glory and vibrant forms.

If you wish to join us on our art experience sessions, we have just one thing to say, ‘Padharo Mahare Desh.’ To put it simply, leave us a message or a comment and we’ll be happy to have you.

And oh, stay home, stay safe, but stay lively and creative.

Signing off, for now of course. Until later!

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