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Indian Traditional Art Forms at India Art Fair 2024

The vibrant city of New Delhi played host to a spectacular showcase of artistic brilliance at the India Art Fair 2024, and Team Rooftop was there to witness the magic unfold. As we navigated through the myriad of exhibits and galleries, it was heartening to see the traditional art forms take centre stage, preserving the rich cultural tapestry that defines India’s artistic heritage.

One of the most gratifying aspects of our visit was the representation of artists associated with Team Rooftop in various galleries. These talented individuals, with their unique roots and distinctive styles, found a home amidst the diverse array of artworks on display. It was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the art community. Let us take you through some of the beautiful artworks that we captured at the IAF 2024.

1. Pattachitra Painting by Prakash Chandra

Gallery Ragini, Booth E17

Pattachitra painting
Pattachitra painting by Prakash Chandra (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Gallery Ragini)

This Pattachitra painting is based on the theme of Lord Jagganath’s temple in Puri, Orissa. It is also called Jatri patti and was used as a souvenir for people. Back in the day, people who visited the temple took such paintings back to gift them to their relatives and friends or even as a piece of remembrance.

2. Different forms of Devi by Lado Bai, Pushpa Kumari, and others

Ojas Art, Booth E16

Different forms of Devi
Paintings and sculptures depicting different forms of Devi (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Ojas Art)

In Indian culture, Goddesses have many forms, from a caring mother to a fierce protector. At Booth no E16 at IAF 2024, you’ll find all the paintings and sculptures depicting different forms of devi made by various artists. At the top here, you’ll see the Das Mahavidya depicting the 10 forms of devi. The two paintings on the side are Madhubani paintings in the Tantric style; on the left is the painting of Goddess Bhureshwari, and on the right you’ll see the Ardhnareshwar form of Devi.

3. Miniature Painting by Mahaveer Swami

Inherited Arts Forum, Booth E13

Miniature painting by Mahaveer Swami
Miniature painting by Mahaveer Swami (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Inherited Arts Forum)

The beautiful Miniature Painting Bikaner-style Miniature shows one of the popular tales of Lord Krishna’s life, where he is dancing and playing his flute on the head of Kaaliya Nag. Along with this, you’ll find another painting showing Lord Krishna and his brother Balram taking a stroll. If you are at the India Art Fair, do take a look at these paintings.

4. Phad Painting 

Gallery Ragini, Booth E17

Phad Painting at India Art Fair
Phad Painting (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Gallery Ragini)

Phad painting, a traditional art form of Rajasthan, often shows the life of Pabuji in a storytelling form. Moving from the common theme, this Phad painting shows Hanuman Chalisa, a religious theme of Hindu culture. You can see this painting at Booth No. E17 at India Art Fair 2024.

5. Madhubani Painting by Santosh Das

Ojas Art, Booth E16

Madhubani Paintings at India Art Fair 2024
Madhubani Paintings by Santosh Das (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Ojas Art)

This is another collection of Madhubani paintings, depicting some of the ten Mahavidyas (devis) in the Hindu tantric tradition. At the top of the collection is the painting of Goddess Kali, the first of these Mahavidyas, known as the mother of creation and destruction. Next, you’ll see paintings of Goddess Baglamukhi and Goddess Dhumavati from the group of these ten Mahavidyas.

6. Bhil Painting by Bhuri Bai

Inherited Arts Forum, Booth E13

Bhil Paintings by Bhuri Bai at India Art Fair
Bhil Paintings by Bhuri Bai (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Inherited Arts Forum)

These Bhil paintings by Bhuri Bai feature animals and trees. Bhil art is known for the abstract-like creatures and the dot patterns. You can see the detailed dot work in Bhuri Bai’s paintings here.

7. Kalighat Painting by Jamini Roy

Chawla Art Gallery,  Booth C10

Kalighat Painting by Jamini Roy
Kalighat Painting by Jamini Roy (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Chawla Art Gallery)

One of the art pieces by Jamini Roy, who is known for his iconic depictions in his paintings is displayed at IAF 2024. The painting shows a lady in a dancing mudra, highlighting the elongated presentation of eyes, which is Jamini Roy’s signature style.

8. Bhil Painting by Lado Bai 

Ojas Art, Booth E16

Bhil Painting by Lado Bai 
Bhil Painting by Lado Bai (Displayed at IAF 2024 by Ojas Art)

All the Bhil paintings that you’ll see at Booth No. E16 at IAF are by Lado Bai, depicting the flora and fauna in the vibrant colours used in this art form. The beautiful compositions and dot work in the paintings make them stand out.

The Diversity of Traditional Art Forms at India Art Fair 2024

The fair was not only a celebration of contemporary art but also celebrated age-old techniques and motifs and provided a platform for these traditional artists to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing artistic landscape. It was a visual feast where the past and present coexisted harmoniously, sparking conversations about the relevance and continuity of our artistic legacy.

As advocates for the diverse and dynamic world of art, Team Rooftop encourages everyone to experience the India Art Fair. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity, a journey through the soul of Indian art. Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or someone taking their first steps into the world of aesthetics, the fair promises something for everyone. Join us in celebrating the artists, the stories, and the vibrant spirit of India’s art scene—because, in the end, art is the universal language that connects us all.

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