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Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Painting Skills

Painting has elements of skill, just like learning to write an essay has techniques. A lack of basic skills results in limited options for doing things. And who wants to be in a box if you can have the whole sky? Rooftop is here to make this path easy for you by compiling the most effective 10 ways of improving your painting skills. So, quit your worries, and let’s paint!

Learn to See Shapes, Not Objects

You can always simplify whatever you see around according to your perception whether it’s nature, landscapes, portraits, or just about anything else, ain’t it a superpower? If you plan to paint something, firstly study it, and secondly become familiar with it enough that it flows to you effortlessly.

Practice Consistently

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There’s no shortcut to painting, practice makes a man perfect, no! Actually everyone. You cannot expect to paint once in a while and produce a masterpiece. So start by exercising your brain with daily doses of art activities which helps in speeding the creative part of the mind. 


Image credits: Herzindagi (l); The Virtual Instructor (r)

Having a vision and visualizing your painting are two different things. The vision is what serves as your inspiration, vision is the doorway between the art and your hands. Visualization could be of painting a single step or simply a specific area of the whole that worries you. It helps you work towards your individual goals and adjust your artistic expression for the painting.

Study Your Subject Matter

Whether it’s nature, landscapes, or just about anything else, more the knowledge, more the options to reach the destination. If you plan to paint something, study it and become familiar with it enough that it flows to you effortlessly. One of the best things you can do as an artist is to study the nature of your muse either by studying or visiting art galleries or doing other stuff that inspires you.

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Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself to paint to a certain standard. Instead, paint because you love it and use your time painting to enjoy yourself and forget everything else. If your mind is free you are more likely to create something great that matches your ideas.

Plan Your Painting

What to plan before painting?

Shocked? Of course, as for some artists, the expression is fluid, and many paints what comes at the moment. However, if what’s coming at the moment is getting you to only half a finished painting, it may be the time to re-evaluate yourself. Plan your paintings to make sure you don’t get lost in the journey and that helps you get to the end.


You need to accept what you’re lacking to improve it. Find your area of weakness and look for ways to address it. Taking lessons on your limitations and memorizing them while painting or simply practising and studying can improve your skills.

Know Your Tools

Image credits: Strathcona (l); King’s Framing and Art Gallery (r)

You can be sure of reaching your goal perfectly if the channel you are using is worth the journey. By learning how to mix two different textures, having information about the material you are using, and how to make the best of your tools, you are creating your very own painting language. Your eyes and mind on the canvas should be more expressive before your hands to get your desired results as you will know what to do next. 

Ask For Help

Benefits of art
Image credits: Unsplash

You can be benefited many times from the advice given to you by more experienced artists than yourself. Being criticized can be painful, but an honest review of your work will give you the idea and a vision for your future paintings to be masterpieces. 


Colour mixing

Different perceptions lead to unique results depending on different factors like light and reflection play an important role in creating a more realistic painting. Colour mixing makes your painting unique and truly yours. Every basic that you learn brings you closer to a more extraordinary result and a great reason to keep on learning and improving. 

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