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Top 10 Indian art forms to try with your friends and colleagues.

Top Indian artforms to enjoy with your friends

Are you still wondering what to do this weekend? Are you getting no quality time to spend with your near and dear ones? Or are office hours getting on your nerves? And you also happen to have a flair for art! Why not create a timeless piece of art and spend one-to-one time with your friends and colleagues while enjoying India’s undying art forms. 

Rooftop brings you 10 Indian art forms that are too good to say no to. You can either get into the ‘I am an artist’ phase or simply enjoy art as an expression. 

Kalighat Painting

Image credits: Lonely Planet (L); Art for Concern (R)

Kalighat Painting is originated in the 19th Century at the Kalighat Kali Temple in Calcutta, West Bengal. In those days it vastly depicted Hindu Gods and Goddesses. With passing time people started capturing their memories in this painting. Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata displays Kalighat paintings. 

Mysore Painting

Image credits: Indiamart (L); Keaonline (R)

As the name suggests Mysore painting was brought up during the reign of Mysore Rulers in Karnataka. The delicate work needed is the main characteristic of this painting. Artist depicts various emotions through this painting. 


Image credit: Outlook India (L); Flickr (R)

A rich artform from Kerala is Kalamezhuthum Pattum. Coloured powders mainly comprise five natural colours. Extracted from natural elements like turmeric, flour, and leaf are white, black, yellow, green, and red won’t these natural colours bring out the colour of your friends as well.  Mostly like rangoli, you can prepare it at your home with friends gathered around or in an open place for more wide canvas.

Saura Paintings

Image credits: Iteeha – Saura Painting

Are you and your roommate bored and looking to redecorate a part of the wall? We might have a suggestion! Resembling Warli Painting Indian Art has another twin named Saura painting. From the tribes of Sauras, it is a very beautiful art form. Simplistic and easy to draw. Paint the backdrop brown and paint the figures white. Just two colors and the room looks as fresh as ever.

Aipan Art

Aipan is a ritualistic Indian Folkart from the Indian Himalayas. Natives believe it welcomes divine energy in the home. Primarily made with red color obtained from geru and white color from rice flour it is done on empty walls or floors. Go in the kitchen look for these natural colors and start drawing with your friends.

Bhojpuri painting

Image credits: Kohbar

Before the rule of Emperor Ashoka, Bihar practises this folk painting style. On walls or on cloth Bhojpuri paintings are drawn. Wall hangings and vases use Bhojupuri Painting. This painting is easy to draw with minimal effort. You can arrange a fun activity to escape the boredom in the office. 

Chitrakathi Painting

Image Credits: Isha Home School – Chitrakathi Painting

One of the favorite pass times for people was Chitrakathi Paintings. A roadshow with music, dance, and snippets in form of painting was what attracted people. Chitrakathi roughly translates to a story through a sequence of images. It can be the legends of Mahabharta, Ramayan, or any other Puran. Bold strokes and the handmade color are the signatures of this painting. Take your colleagues out for Chitrakathi painting. It will help to get to know them more closely.

Jadopatia Painting

Image Credits: Pop Baani

From the district of Dumka in Jharkhand and from the hands of ‘Jadopatia’ meaning magic painters Jadoaptai painting is a uniquely Indian art. This painting uses water-based natural colours. In the form of scrolls, it depicts stories. You can make it for yourself by picturizing your story in scrolls. The easy figure and colouring method makes it easy to draw.

Kavaad Painting

In several parts of the country including Rajasthan this souvenir art is found and is almost 500 years old. This painting is an ancient method of storytelling through art with warm and vibrant colors. Take up some old wooden frames or cupboards and paint with colors of Kavaad painting. 

Godna Painting

Image credit : Typercraft Initiative (M); Gaon Connection (L,R)

Traditional wall or surface painting is the significance of Godna painting. Besides, you can get it tattooed. Colourful patterns make the most of the drawing. It is drawn on festivals such as rangoli.

Art as an expression brings us together and helps in decluttering our minds. People are stressing about a healthy work environment and what better than art to help them reduce their workload. To eliminate the awkwardness between colleagues interactive activities like this can help. Bring your long-lost friends together by spending some time artistic time.

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