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Top 10 Artworks for monsoon

artworks for monsoon

Will it rain this weekend is the most asked question and honestly let’s not rely on the weather forecast but what we know for sure is the euphoria rain has on us. The drops’ pitter-pattering conspires in a way that all we want is to get lost in the rhythms of rain. Water in the potholes calls out the child that ran away years ago. The very first task as a child we cherished was art. Getting our hands into the alive hues of colors.

Rooftop brings you 10 such artwork that should go unmissed in these beautiful rains.

Kangra Painting (कांगड़ा चित्रकारी)

Painting from the state of Himachal Pradesh; mostly signifies Rashleela. The magnificent art form was generated in the foothills of Guler state by Kashmiri painters. The painting supremely emphasizes the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. One such painting is the Govardhan painting in the extreme rains by Lord Indra is also depicted vastly.

Warli Painting

Image credits: Freebirds

A tribal art form from the ranges of North Sahyadri ranges. It revolves majorly around the elements of nature and rain being one of such elements makes it more worthy of rain artwork. The painting unlike many Indian forms is not so hard. Basic geometric forms like circles and triangles make up most of the painting.

Miniature Painting

Image Credits: Caleidoscope

Furthermore, detail-oriented and intricate designs of Miniature paintings must also be in your ‘To do rain art’. Rain brings a subtle calmness to our nature which influences us to minute detailing work and taking up the Indian form of miniature painting will go a long way. A form of artwork is sure it is with strokes on paper and cloth. It is influenced by Ragas or patterns of music and religious and mythological tales.

Pattachitra Painting

Image Credits: Natty

An exceptional art form of India that uses natural elements to color like Kaitha Gum and Bilwa fruit, wood apple are mixed with natural powders. Green colors by green leaves and green stones. An ancient tool, a sharp and pointed iron needle is used to draw on the palm leaves. The Pattachitra vastly picturizes Krishna and Radha’s, eternal love. Love and rain as we all know have an unsung bond.  Celebrating this bond in the rain should be on your relaxing bucket list.

Gond Painting

Image Credits: Utsavpedia

Famous folk art of the Gond tribal community from central India. This tribe includes a sacred legacy of folk dances, songs, and paintings. The paintings have basic geometric patterns on the walls and floors of houses called Digna and other is painted on the walls of houses of animals, plants, and trees. This too uses natural colors. Rains bring us messages to bring out the natural shades. Dive into your kitchen and garden and search for shades that will make this monsoon memorable.

Watercolour Painting

Image Credits: Tonny Conner

For instance, it’s raining outside consequently water droplets are dripping on your window and suddenly and you remember the long-lost art that you once did in your babyhood. Not in the mood for complex details and looking for something quick and easy. We got your back. Just bring out those old colours and collect the rainwater for more. Old medicine droppers and fill them with watercolours and start dropping in the white paper. Shades you like.

Sprinkles Painting

Image credits: Jay Lee Painting

Old brush and some colour are all you need for sprinkling splashing drawing. No regular pattern colour here a little and some there. Sprinkle painting is always a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Carefree and exhilarating artwork that hardly needs any attention to detail. 

  Hand Impressions

Image credits: Manoj Bathula Art

Mood for playful artwork, curating lifelong story for late nights dinner. ‘When it was raining and we got a little subdued by it’. Just your palm and colours. These art forms are simplest and easy to create. Stamping the palm releases our energy and brings out joy.


Image Credits: StoryLTD

Each painting colourfully picturizes the setting of God and Goddesses. Cloth displays Phad on cloth or wall. The significance of this painting is that the figures face each other and not the viewer. The colour pallet comprises mainly secondary colours. An amazing story behind the formation of colour is that the women artisans make these colours. For instance, in the rains friends call you out in the rains but it’s a big no from your end. Phad painting is your rescuer with meticulous work and intricate.

Paper boat

Image credits: Avakai Media

The most favourite and reminisced artwork and we all love Paper boats. Folding old sheets of paper into the perishable toy is one of the signature artworks of rain. Barsih me boat nhi chalayi toh kya chalaya

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