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Top 10 Art-tastic ways to use the Rooftop app!

Rooftop app

Welcome art lovers! Get ready to turbo-charge your creativity with a tool that’s revolutionising the world of traditional Indian art – the Rooftop app! This sizzling-hot art tech platform is not just an app, it’s an art carnival that celebrates the heritage, culture and history of the diverse forms of folk and tribal art. On this platform, you can rub your virtual elbows with award-winning artists in live workshops and maestro courses, test yourself with daily art quizzes, get inspired by others and feel a sense of belonging through our community.

You can almost say that our community is more vibrant than a Holi celebration! Our dazzling palette of features will leave you awestruck and it’s a journey that will change the way you view Indian art forever. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelts while we take you through the 10 ways you can use the Rooftop app to propel your artistry to dizzying new heights!

Here are the 10 features of the Rooftop app

  1. Jump Into Live Workshops

The Rooftop app offers live workshops four times a day where award-winning artists act as your guide, taking you through the various tapestries of Indian art. Get exclusive insights into their artistic minds as you sharpen your skills and transform your living room into your personal art studio. Our workshops are so accessible, it’s almost live having your personal art mentor on speed dial!

  1. Discover Treasures with Maestro Courses

Rooftop app’s maestro courses are like a deep dive into the ocean of traditional Indian art knowledge. You’ll not just learn art styles, techniques and theories from India’s top artists, but also the history, cultural and religious influence to truly understand the essence of what makes traditional Indian art forms what they are. Depending on your maestro course plan, you can also get personal training from your mentor. You can say it’s your golden ticket to the art world!

Rooftop app
The Rooftop app features maestro courses and LIVE workshops
  1. Flex Your Brain Muscles with Daily Quizzes

Add an exciting twist to your daily routine with our brain-teasing, fun-filled daily quizzes about traditional Indian art. Not only will you turbo-charge your art knowledge, but solving the quiz will give you a sense of accomplishment that will give a spring in your step to achieve your daily goals!

  1. Personalise Your Art Journey with One-on-One Workshops

We know that everyone learns differently, which is why you have the option to opt for a custom-made workshop that caters to your unique needs. Here you’re the hero of the show and you get individual feedback as well as guidance from talented artists. If you’ve ever dreamt about your private art boot camp, you’ve finally found a way of accomplishing it!

  1. Find Your Muse in the ‘Inspire Me’ Section

The ‘Inspire Me’ section is meant to guide you through the vast world of traditional Indian art, giving you the impetus you need to create your next masterpiece. In this section, you can discover stunning artworks from India’s best artists and listen to their voice notes to uncover the stories hidden behind each piece. 

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  1. Join Your Virtual Art Family

The Rooftop Community gives you a sense of belongingness. Here, you can immerse yourself in an environment that radiates positive vibes and shows respect for each person’s creative journey. Our Community section is the perfect place to share your artwork and your thoughts, as well as get the appreciation you deserve for creating your masterpieces.

  1. Unravel the Mysteries of Art with Blogs

Rooftop’s blog section is the perfect place to stay up to date with the latest trends and tales from the traditional Indian art world. Consider the blog section to be your map that will help you navigate through the vibrant world of the Indian art scene.

  1. Make Friends and Share a Lifelong Passion

The beauty of our workshops is that they’re an excellent place to meet fellow art enthusiasts and artists. Keeping our workshops live means that you can delve into fascinating conversations, share your passion for art and appreciate each other’s talent. They say that the best form of hobbies are ones that bring people together and art is definitely one of them!

  1. Explore the Indian Art Landscape

The Rooftop app gives you the opportunity to take a journey across the various Indian art forms and learn about different techniques, histories and cultural nuances, that will help you broaden your artistic horizons. The Artwiki section of the Rooftop app is the perfect place to learn about the history, influences and relevance of traditional Indian art forms.

From the intricate strokes of the Madhubani painting to the bright whirls of Rajasthan’s Phad painting, the app will guide you through the history of each art form. It’s like having a seasoned guide narrating tales of a bygone era, painting a vivid picture of India’s rich artistic heritage.

  1. Preserving Indian Art and Supporting Artists

The Rooftop app not only enhances your artistic skills, it also gives you the chance to support incredible artists as well as preserve traditional art forms that have existed for centuries. Your support gives artists the recognition and livelihood they deserve and ensures that India’s centuries-old rich art forms remain preserved for generations to come. 

The Rooftop app is not just a phone application, it’s your artistic playground that is full of opportunities to learn, grow and connect. We urge you to dive headfirst and enjoy the vibrant ride across India’s traditional art forms. Here’s to your colourful art journey!

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