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Top 10 Art Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss!

top 10 art hacks

Are you looking for easy ways to spice up your art? Some hacks that are creative, funny and tested. Rooftop heard you all and has compiled 10 such hacks that are worth trying. Don’t fuss around and get on with all your art supplies. 

Household Material Hack

Image credits: Suraj Fine Arts (L); The Spruce Crafts (R)

Ransack your house because it has a number of tools that can make a normal art experience into a fun one. Starting with clothes that are rejected from the wardrobe. As you are quite aware, artists need rough cloth all the time but what if the clothes are more than this and also an art hacks. Yes! It is, dabbing clothes in paints and then stamping them on canvas or sheets will result in a great effort and need minimal effort.

Masking Pen

Image credits: Amylee (L); The Art of Thornwolf (R)

One of the greatest inventions in the world of art supplies is the making Pen. You can easily use watercolour on it without fussing about it spreading

Masking Tape Is Your Saviour

Image credits:

Tape rescue from all the smudgy edges. Use the tape to clean borders, before starting the drawing. A tape gives clean borders and a great finishing look. In a true sense, it is a life saviour for an artist.

Watercolour Pencil And Not Graphite Pencil

Image credits: Kings Framing and Art Gallery (L); Derwentart (R)

Drawing with a graphite pencil usually gives a shabby look. To keep the painting intact it is suggested to use a watercolour pencil. The results are astonishing since the drawing looks perfect without any flaws.

Your Body – Greatest Tool

Image credits: Purple Kitty (L); Ali Express (R)

If you are running out of art brushes or tools, worry not since we know of a great hack. Hands, fingers, foot, palm, face, and in some cases hair as well. You can use the mentioned body parts to stamp them on plain paper. It captures the liveliness of the moment. You can try this activity with your close ones to make it a lifelong memory.

The Chalk and Watercolour

Image credits: Art Bazaar (L); Pinterest (R)

More of an art hack and also a magic trick! Take chalk and draw patterns on the paper, it can be leaves, flowers, mountains, Mandalas or any other figure. Later paint the paper with different watercolours. You will be shocked to find that besides being unique it is also quite easy.

Hair Dryer Hack

Image credits: Art News (L); Right This Minute (R)

Another lesser-known tool is a hair dryer. We know it is a little shocking but a hair dryer is art buddy. You can use it to dry your painting quickly and save hours. The painting that requires multiple coatings of paint consumes most of the time. At such times, hair dryers save you.

Natural Colours

Out of colours? Worry not since you can make your own colours. Take some coffee, flour, turmeric, alta or mahavar, flowers, and vegetables for natural colours. This will provide a twist to your painting technique and who knows you might fall in love with these natural hues. 

You can check out the Top 10 Indian Folkart that uses natural colours. Try them yourself and tag us on your stories.

Plastic Fantastic

Image credits: Inhabitat (L); Fun Craft Arts (R)

The greatest reason pollution can be the greatest art solution! Here is how, plastic bottles, and cups, can be recycled into some fun show pieces for our home decor. Paint these plastic bottles in your desired colours and patterns and use them as planters, pen holders etc.

The Brush Hacks

Image credits: Artistry Found (L); Apartment Therapy (R)

There are so many types of brushes, but if you are out of brushes then rebuild one. Take a broom and cut the end part. Tie them according to the brush type you want and voila you have a paintbrush. 

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