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Tie And Dye Workshop With Vidhi Sanghrayka

Tie And Dye Workshop With Vidhi Sanghrayka

Tie and dye is a method of dying textiles to produce patterns. Sections of the cloth are together so that they will not absorb the dye. In the Indian context, these patterns are called Bandana. These originated 5000 years ago in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Initially, color sarees and dupattas were the first pieces of clothes. However, now it has become a prominent fashion style found in western clothes as well. 

In this workshop, Vidhi Sanghrayka showed us how to make two different designs on white cloth. She used all the materials that are simply available at home. 

The beginning of the workshop 

The first technique of tie and dye demonstrated by Vidhi was called Shibori. Shibori uses a single color. The workshop began by setting aside a white cotton cloth on a plastic sheet. Then, she dampened it in water so that it can absorb the paint made at home with natural ingredients. The first step of tie and dye is always to fold a cloth in a certain manner and tie it with a thread or any string at equidistance and paint it. The participants were active in the workshop and to our surprise tried making different paint colors at home. 

After painting the first tie and dye technique, the cloth stays aside to dry and it was now time to try the second technique of tie and dye called Lehriya. The process of dying the lehriya remains the same. The only difference is that it uses two or multiple colors and the method of tying the cloth differs.

Towards the end of the workshop

Video shared a few tips on how to dry the cloth correctly and penetrate the colour deep inside the cloth. Once both the pieces were dry, it was time to open them and see the magic! Each of the participants did a wonderful job of creating magical prints for the first time from their home. The workshop ended with Vidhi appreciating each participant and sharing a few tips on how to wash and store them properly. 

Rooftop as always was successful in connecting artists and curating a magical and positive vibe together. We keep organizing such creative workshops to keep everyone productive and creative.

Stay safe and stay creative! Here’s us signing off, until next time!

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