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Tiara Making Workshop By Maria Fernandes

Tiara Making Workshop

Tiara Making Workshop: Tiara is a Greek word whose original meaning was ‘headdress of Persian kings’. It dates back to the 1550s. Traditionally, a tiara was reserved for queens, empresses, princesses and other noblewomen. However, the tiara has become a kind of fashion accessory that is often worn by commoners. Socialites and heiresses sometimes wear tiaras to formal events, and many ordinary women also wear tiaras on special occasions like weddings, balls, pageants or galas. Rooftop hosted an online workshop on Tiara Making for its Circle Members and invited Maria Fernandes.

A self-taught artist she is enthused by anything related to craft. She started with flower making as a hobby and is now trying her hands on a variety of flowers to create floral wedding accessories and home decor articles.

The Tiara Making Workshop Began

Maria began the workshop by explaining the materials that will be used in making the floral tiara. And different types of ribbons used to make roses. Wires of different thicknesses were used to make the stem of flowers and leaves. To make the crown structure of Tiara, Maria carefully turned a thick metal wire in a circle with both ends overlapping and joined by a string. She then covered the tiara circumference with a green tape and began making roses out of ribbon. “Roses are usually time-consuming and require a lot of practice. Once you know how to make it, you can do it with closed eyes”, said Fernandes. Out of 15 participants, only two of them could get it right in the first go! 

Towards The End Of The Workshop

Then, Maria demonstrated how to arrange them together around the crown to enhance the beauty of the tiara. By the end of the workshop, Maria announced that Satinder Kaur – one of the circle members from Punjab would receive a Tiara made during the workshop for successfully making the rose in the first attempt! The final product was beautiful and all members were looking forward to making their tiara.

It was a fun and interactive experience curated by Rooftop to bring together like-minded creative heads.  

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