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Tholu Doodling Workshop With Rashmi Singh

Tholu Doodle Workshop With Rashmi Singh

Tholu Doodle Workshop: Tholu Doodling is an inspired doodling method inspired from the traditional craft of Andhra Pradesh called Tholu Bommalata. It is soothing to the eyes and also very soothing to draw. These doodles are also more intricate than other doodles.

Rooftop organized a unique Tholu Doodling Workshop to teach this new artform with Rashmi Singh who has 12 years of experience in strategic design thinking and working in the craft sector, including corporate retail. A craftpreneur and a sustainability enthusiast, she loves to explore crafts as a medium to engage people with heritage. The workshop was designed to give people an idea and experience of the traditional technique practiced in Tholu Doodle and how it could be interpreted in the contemporary context.

The Tholu Doodling Workshop Began

We had around seventy participants who joined us for this innovative and fun workshop. Rashmi Singh started the workshop by briefing the participants a little about what Tholu doodling is. She then shared her insights about this artform. She explained how traditional Tholu Doodle is actually drawn with a bamboo pen which is made by the artisans themselves. Rashmi taught the participants to draw a fish in Tholu style and then showed how to blend it with a doodle by drawing different patterns and lines according to one’s own will. 

Towards The End Of The Workshop

At the end of the session, all the participants flaunted their artwork on their cameras. Rashmi looked quite impressed with everyone’s work. The fact that everyone had learnt so fast and made the Tholu fish so perfectly, is really commendable. Our audience was a fast learner and learnt the art of Tholu doodling very easily. 

We at Rooftop, come up with such new and innovative art workshops everyday to keep everyone creative and productive even during lockdown. 

Stay creative, stay safe and keep learning with us. Here’s us signing off, until we see you again!

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