Warli Art Workshop: Warli art is an ancient tribal art from Western India. To teach this traditional Warli Art Workshop, Rajasthan Studio invited Mrunal Diwakar who is a freelance artist with proven credentials in Warli paintings. Although familiar with variety of types of painting, she chose Warli as her area of interest. She keenly developed basics of this rustic art and quickly shifted to advanced forms of Warli on her own. For this she has even interacted with Warli villagers and understood intricacies of this.

The Warli Art Workshop Began

Mrunal began the workshop by sharing her insights about the traditional process of making warli art. Since this artwork is majorly based on nature, so she drew elements of nature first and filled them up with black colour immediately. Second, she taught the way to make human figures in typical warli style. Additionally, she also showed how to draw dancing figures in Warli style. Her art depicted daily life of villagers.

Towards The End Of The Workshop

The participants successfully learnt this easy yet beautiful artwork. Subsequently, after completing their respective work, they flashed their work in front of the camera and showed their work. Mrunal Diwakar was awestruck on seeing their artwork and creativity.

Stay safe, stay creative. Here’s us signing off!