एक प्रयास है राजस्थान स्टूडियो

Yash Maheshwari’s unsurpassed ability of delivering rapid-fire, one-liners and apt punch lines makes his audience go rolling in the comedy workshop. At this particular hands-on session, however, Maheshwari prompted the attendees to write their jokes around a basic structure that he outlined for them at the beginning of the session. The trick went home well with the audience who had a great time in tickling each other’s funny bone, with their brilliant and sometimes lame jokes during the comedy workshop.

Attendees Present at the Session

(Standing Left to Right) Mr. Shivaa Naresh, Mr. Karnail Singh, Mr. Purvesh Vardani, Mr. Lakshit Pareekh, Ms. Priyanka Godara, Ms. Divya Soni, Mr. Yash Maheshwari, Mr. Mahesh Jangid, Mr. Kartik Gaggar (Rajasthan Studio Team), Mr. Ankit Labania, Mr. Aviral Paliwal and Mr. Bhawani Singh

Stand up Comedy