Creativity is certainly making some space in the current generation and the pace it conducts itself with is definitely to multiply and enhance its presence in the coming time. One such blend of creative ideation is making Quirky Posters. 

It is a fun blend of unique and thoughtful designs that not only spreads valuable content but also embarks a positive environment. Learning such an artform is a great way to foster your ideation and productivity. 

Quirky Posters can also act as the most influencing source of income for individuals who put in constructive efforts and dedication. And today, to let you know of its presence and effectiveness, The Circle Community brings together a Quirky Poster Making Workshop with one of the finest individuals – Deepti Duggal. 

About the Artist

Deepti Duggal is a proud homemaker and an excellent artist with a great understanding of colours, designs, uniqueness and what not. She’s also the owner of a beautiful venture called Navrang that showcases her outstanding talent in art and creativity. 

The Workshop Began 

Quirky Poster making was introduced to the passionate learners in order to help them explore and connect with colours and positivity. Deepti began her workshop by introducing herself and then straight away jumping to create the best masterpiece. 

She began with briefing about the paper quality to choose and then headed to minutely describing the designs and formats necessary to make the poster look implicit. Once the introduction was done, the bordering of the design with a black liner began. After the completion of bordering the word Inspire was coloured with red acrylic colour. It was advised to use brush pens for better comfort and effectivity. 

After the colouring of the letters, different colour brush pens were used to colour the overall designs and then was again topped with a vibrant black colour bordering. 

Towards the end of the Workshop

The workshop was conducted in a very engaging and fun environment. In the middle of the workshop, Deepti kept looking and guiding the participants, the best she could. In the end, every participant showcased their quirky poster and won several applause from Deepti Duggal herself. 

For more similar workshops stay connected to The Circle Community. It has always fostered the interest of creative minds by connecting them to highly prolific individuals of the industry. 

On this note, here’s us signing off until next time!

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